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Purported iPhone 5S Leak: New Photos Keep Rumor Mill Churning


Apple has updated the iPhone and iPad this year. The company also combined the two products to create the iPad Mini. But don’t get comfortable with your new products just yet because Apple is getting ready to release the latest and greatest version of its iPhone: The iPhone 5s.

New photos of the iPhone 5S were reportedly leaked to the internet today thanks to

The new photos show a device that looks pretty identical to the iPhone 5. CNet notes that the placement of some of the screws differ between the two models but that’s about all that is known at the moment.

There’s not much to say about the new iPhone 5S leak but it may show that the company is trying to speed up its upgrade process.

The iPhone 5 was released less than three months ago and it looks like Apple already has a prototype for the new phone.

Of course, as Slash Gear notes, the new iPhone 5S leak may not show anything at all. The photos could be of an old iPhone 5 prototype that never saw the light of day.

Here’s a side by side photo of the iPhone 5 and a purported photo of the iPhone 5S.

iphone 5 s

Are you ready for a new round of rumors regarding Apple’s latest products? Whether you are or not they are going to start coming soon…

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7 Responses to “Purported iPhone 5S Leak: New Photos Keep Rumor Mill Churning”

  1. Ds Rainmaker

    Wondering, at what point do these apple/iphone cronies understand that they are chasing after a "perception" of technology- in a maze defined by a man who is no longer with us. The only way out- is to simply leave…otherwise, you can keep buying the next release, hoping, wishing, that this is the "one". Dream is over guys, move on to a real phone. Nokia Lumia 920- windows phone is here. Or stay in the maze like the rat you are.

  2. Anonymous

    I like apple iphone but this news is garbage new screw placements? you gotta be kidding me..

  3. Paul Allen

    The biggest benefit of the iPhone is iTunes. The ability to access the best content marketplace is a huge advantage. For the very technically savvy power user, fine, get a Droid or Windows phone. For the other 99% of the population, the iPhone is a pretty good and practical device.

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