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CM Punk Surgery: WWE Wrestler Expected To Make Full Recovery

cm punk

CM Punk had surgery today on his left knee.

According to, Dr. James Andrews completed a scope CM Punk’s left knee this afternoon. The surgery was successful and the wrestler is expected to make a full recovery.

Andrews’ colleague, WWE physician Dr. Chris Amann, said:

“CM Punk underwent knee surgery today to remove a piece of torn meniscus that had locked up his knee. The surgery, performed by Dr. James Andrews, went smoothly and CM Punk is expected to make a full recovery.”

Punk wasn’t scheduled to fight during Monday Night Raw last night but he did get into a scuffle with Ryback. Ryback ended up throwing the WWE Champion into a table. It’s unclear if the fight last night attributed to the injury but reports that Punk flew to Pensacola Florida late last night in order to have surgery on his knee.

It’s unclear how long Punk will be out for but he probably won’t be able to defend his title against Ryback at the TLC pay per view in Brooklyn.

There are a few ways that the WWE can play CM Punk’s surgery but none of them are ideal. The WWE has been seeing a constant slide in the ratings and losing one of its biggest stars before TLC and the Royal Rumble can’t help. Of course, maybe they’ll write in a story line where CM Punk fights with crutches or has to defend his title from a hospital bed.

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41 Responses to “CM Punk Surgery: WWE Wrestler Expected To Make Full Recovery”

  1. Connie Crandall

    Get well soon Punk-I had this same surgery done twice, on the same knee. It'll be okay-I made a full recovery and you will too-hurry and get well, looking forward to seeing what new tricks you have up your sleeve on WWE(ya little devil you-lol-kidding). Take Care and Hurry and Get Well.

  2. Rusty Santos

    lol I hate cm puke.lets see if they do what they did when hhh had his surgery and strip him of the title.

  3. Rusty Santos

    lol I hate cm puke.lets see if they do what they did when hhh had his surgery and strip him of the title.

  4. Anonymous

    I'm just surprised so many people still watch it. I stopped wathing at least 7 years ago. But I doin't think the matches have really chnaged. Bet I could still pick who will win and how.

  5. Joseph Hovsepyan

    fuck cm punk, he's nothin' but a paper champion, he didn't beat ryback or cena in his last 2 pay-per-views! And he sure as hell ain't going to beat the ROCK at the RUMBLE!

  6. John William Pavlekovich

    Losing viewers…. quit making stoopid story lines , less soap opera and some rastling , less totally slow signature moves (619,, whatever snake shit RKO does , etc)rid of pos Ray Myystereo. More babe matches. More Miss Vicki. For God sake let Big Show retire , more Morelli and the Cobra, get rid of Texan announcer , bring Jim Ross back , bring back a dirty wrestler, send Punjabi giant back too , tall ass piece of lard without a wrestling move inhis body , have a controversal manager., and when the hell is JERICHO coming back?

  7. Steve J Dannunzio

    ITS FAKE! Its Staged! Just like Jerry Lawlers heart condition is part of the storyline. Jerry didn't really have an heart attack..No one spends 2 months in a recovery and come back to work after an heart attack. Even Paul Heyman knows its staged part of an act. Yeah right Punk had real surgery. What about John Cena knee? He still stages his acts. Yeah tell me John how's the knee? Look not even NFL players get over this quickly. Look at Ray Lewis. Hes been hurt almost for 2 months and still sidelined. Get real WWE is fake!

  8. Samuel L. Fields

    yes it is staged, but the physicality of it is not fake. These guys put their bodies on the line night after night. And guess what? they are human like the rest of us. they're gonna get hurt.

  9. Milton K Yee

    I too do not care for CM Punk as a wrestler or as a champion. He is mildly entertaining as a commentator. He does not convince or sell that he is capable of defending the title against more interesting personality such as Randy Orton, John Cena, or Edge (Now Edge was the best opportunist and a great heel). Nor do I buy his claim of being the best in the world. I think of him rather as a knock off of the dirtiest player, Ric Flair. On the other hand, I also do not think Ryback is convincingly charismatic enough or interesting in personality to hold the title for long. I think they are gearing or building up for Cena vs Rock with the title on the line at the next Wrestlemania.

  10. Jerome Handy

    Lawler's heart attack was NOT fake. That night, he had wrestled in a light match, and Lawler is over sixty years old. As Samuel said, the matches may be rigged, but the exertion can't be. He also had EMT's on hand to deal with the matter in seconds rather than minutes. Anyone will tell you, the sooner someone is able to get your body moving oxygen again, the better your chances are.

  11. Brian Jack

    Where was my surgery after WWE placed me at FCW and their POS ring fell apart and broke my leg…WWE waited 2 years to fly me to Jim Andrews…totally fraud. I was living with WWE Santino aka Anthony Carelli at 111 N Albany #7 in Tampa when Dr Andrews and WWE let me walk around for 4 months without surgery until Florida Orthopedic Seth Gassner stepped up. Now I just filed in Federal Court. Karma. See ya Lauraneitis.

  12. Brian Jack

    Dr Andrews will prescribe Punk steroids and HGH…Anabolics like the whole ROSTER…CENA's DR wouldnt give him GH anymore because his knuckles were fusing together. I cant beleive Congress has not done anything. Linda runs for senate, spends 100 mill. I have over 100 g just in medical bills. I am so glad that she lost, she was rolling out the red carpet for Vince to get away with murder, like he has for 3 decades now. Unintentional manslaughter due to NEGLIGENCE.

  13. Brian Jack

    CM PUNK is the worst athlete in WWE….throw him a football, or a baseball or basketball. Put him in a pair of downhill skis or put a shotgun in his hands. He is the best in the world at one thing. Being a fake and a fraud. He interrupted me at the last go home at OVW when Dusty lied to everyone and said OVW, Deep South were shutting down and they had " NO CLUE " where the next developmental would be… I coughed…..BULLSHIT as Keirn told me in Japan in 05 they were going to shut down OVW and go to Tampa, all Keirns snakish moves and Lauraneitis whose mom and dad live their as well as Johnny and Steve. I followed Punk and Cody into the locker room, had he not apologized and stuck his hand out to shake mine… He would be known as Swollen Punk if he would have been anything at all after I would have done what I should have done…He would have been buried by Corporate and Creative for coming to work with his eyes swelled shut over he and Cody Boys errors at OVW the last night. Ironic…Cody says " anyone wants to say anything about anyone…just look at the pictures on the wall in the locker room"…Cody or Punk…neither had a picture up. It was the Veterans before them they disrespected and the boys on the roster, Danny Davis and his hard sincere work, not me. I am better than both of them. I am the best athlete in the world! someone prove me wrong.

  14. Brian Jack

    Jim Andrews, shoot him up with a bit of HGH and prescribe him some anabolics like everyone else on your wall of shame in your office from Jack Nickalaus and Tiger Woods to Bo Jackson to Brett Favre. Ok play the week of broken ankle surgery…roids Jimmy Andrews, your work as a Christian Humanitarian is somewhat true, but you are a fraud. You lied to me, touched me and make me sick. I am syill getting your bills from Birmingham you POS! WWE, JIM ANDREWS. I HOPE the Courts are not as dirty an corrupt as you. We shall see.

  15. Anonymous

    Lol, now it makes sense…. A bitter hack who couldn't make it. Don't blame the organization, blame your lack of talent. It's pathetic spoiled morons like yourself that make today's generation what it is, worthless. Did Vince break the trophy you got for losing at recreational sports as a child? Sucks not being good enough for something that's not real….

  16. Comedian Kelly Doane

    You guys are a JOKE! CM PUNK actually is one of the better grapplers in the WWE. ZIggler, Orton, Danile Bryan and Punk. Your sooo caught up in the story… and entertainment aspect.. go watch a soap opera or reality tv then if you like that crap! Also…RESPECT a MAN who's champion for over a year and one of the BEST "I HATE YOU HEELS" Ever in Bizz in the past 10 years. So you can take your CENAS and your GOLDBERG opps RYBACKs and contiune to watch mediocre athletes in the ring… give me PUNK or the above mentioned you can have your TV STARS and CARTOON HEROS! Joke pure joke!

  17. Tyson Heck

    One would have to assume that you're attempting to get a response from people from all that drabble you just wrote. And if not, you obviously follow the wwe enough to know about Cena's knee injury and the length of time Lawler was out. Regardless, most of what you said was ill-informed. For one, Lawler's heart attack was real. 2 months out of work for a heart attack doesn't seem overly suspicious (although I'm not quite sure whether you expected to be for a longer or shorter period of time). Injuries in wrestling are all very real. Most of these guys work 6 days a week, not just the shows they show on TV. THere are house shows, appearances, events, and grueling travel schedules, not to mention finding time to stay healthy in between all of that. You talk about NFL players not being able to recover that quickly, which is true in some cases (although it depends on the type of injury and, quite frankly, who the player is). So, your disrespect of some very well-trained athletes, guys who agree to put their bodies on the line night and and night out, to entertain a fan such as yourself, is pretty disgraceful.

    p.s. Its a shame you're wearing a Ravens jersey in that photo. It's fans like you that embarrass the Baltimore fan base.

  18. Brian Jack

    wow bro, you havent done your homework either. I was the best in my State at every sport moron. Even Martial Arts had a National Title at 15. Bitter Hack? I am a NCAA scholorship athlete CFL, XFL, Arena AFII, a Japan Main eventer bro…where is your ignorance coming from? I got paid to go to college and launch people on a football field and strike them out on a basbeall mound…ended my baseball career in the Tokyo Dome of all places. Why would you make such an ignorant response. Dude

  19. Brian Jack

    I am not good on a computer if thats what you mean by hack… as far as a Hacker in my world its someone on a basketball court that is too non athletic to play defense without fouling?

  20. Brian Jack

    I will blame who hurt me and it is FCW and WWEdude. I will blame whoever the fuck I want, its all true. You fucking loser WWE stooge

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