Detroit Dad Gets Life In Prison, Shouts Down ‘Liar’ Judge

Detroit, MI – A Detroit dad who got life in prison in the presumed death of 2-year-old Bianca Jones caused a scene in the courtroom at sentencing Monday, loudly calling the judge in the case a liar and denying a role in the disappearance of his daughter.

The Detroit dad who got life in prison is 33-year-old D’Andre Lane, and prosecutors contend Lane fabricated a carjacking to cover up what they believe was the death of Jones at her father’s hands. Lane was accused of paddling the little girl for wetting the bed, causing her death, and disposing of her corpse in an incinerator before telling police he had been carjacked and his daughter kidnapped.

In a statement before the Detroit dad was sentenced to life in prison, Lane pled before the court:

“My daughter is alive. She’s missing, she will be found … It’s easy to point the finger at me. We will correct every wrong that’s taken place in this system.”

Wayne County Circuit Judge Vonda R. Evans did not buy Lane’s version of events, telling the defendant that he used “sex, manipulation, mental abuse and excessive discipline” as a means to control the people in his life. As she sentenced the Detroit dad to life in prison, she lamented:

“It was your way or the highway … That poor child — your child, Mr. Lane — you destroyed mentally and ultimately physically … you will now pay with your own life.”

A lawyer for the Detroit dad sentenced to life in prison says that Lane’s outburst — during which he repeatedly called the judge by her first name and insisted she was a liar — was “out of character.” Banika Jones, Bianca’s mother, addressed the court Monday and maintained that no serious effort was undertaken to locate the girl before deciding the case was an open-and-shut murder:

“They never looked for my daughter … They never really cared. They only wanted evidence and a conviction and to close out the case without solving it. I want the court to know they made a mistake, and I intend to correct it.”

While the Detroit dad got life in prison for her murder, the body of Bianca Jones has never been recovered. In the clip below, Judge Evans hands down the sentence before Lane’s outburst.