Robyn Dixon Describes ‘RHOP’ Episode In Which Juan Made Shocking Confession As ‘Emotional’
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Robyn Dixon Describes ‘RHOP’ Episode In Which Juan Made Shocking Confession As ‘Emotional’

So far in the second season of The Real Housewives of Potomac, Robyn Dixon’s relationship with her ex, former pro basketball player Juan Dixon, has, just as in the first season, come under a lot of scrutiny. On Episode 7 of Season 2, it wasn’t just Robyn and the other housewives who said something shocking about the relationship however, it was Juan himself. In a very candid moment, Juan, who stepped away from the camera but still had his mic on, told a producer that he was sick and tired of his current living arrangement with Robyn and that if it wasn’t their two sons, he would have left already.

Hours prior to the latest episode airing on Sunday night, Robyn, who usually live-tweets the episode, shared that she wasn’t going to be live-tweeting because of a graduation party. Robyn did, however, share that the episode is an “emotional” one.

Many viewers left comments telling Robyn that she should completely break things off with Juan and move on with her life. One viewer said that Juan disrespected Robyn.

Another viewer said that Robyn does so much for Juan only for him to be with other people.

One viewer told Robyn to “wake up” and warned her that if she doesn’t do so now, she never will.

Yet another viewer told Robyn that she deserves happiness, which Juan can’t give her, and so their current living situation isn’t fair to her.

In the previous The Real Housewives of Potomac season, Robyn explained that she and Juan, despite being divorced and having no plans to reconcile, continued to live together for the sake of their children and because it made sense financially. Robyn was very upfront about their financial difficulties, including the fact that they had to file for bankruptcy and that they were cheated out of a huge sum of money by someone whom they thought was a friend.

The two exes were shown having a very amicable relationship and being able to co-parent successfully, without any drama. Robyn even hinted that they were still intimate by confessing that they still sleep in the same bed. The Season 2 premiere episode showed the family moving to a lower-cost house and neighborhood in order to save money.

Yet the latest episode showed that Juan may not have actually wanted to continue living with Robyn. In the scene, Robyn was shown working on their mutual business, children’s basketball camps to be coached by Juan. Sitting in front of the computer, Robyn asked Juan some questions relating to the business, which led to Juan seemingly losing his patience and snapping at Robyn. Robyn, however, maintained her cool and didn’t snap back.

Juan said that he had to make a call and walked away. Juan, in a room with a producer, can then be heard complaining to a producer about his arrangement with Robyn.

“I’m too old for this s**t. I’m tired of living like this.”

The male producer outright asked Juan if he wants to get back together with Robyn.

“Do you want it to be together? Do you want to get back together?”

It sounded as if Juan mumbled no. He then clearly said that he wanted a romantic relationship with someone else and that if it wasn’t for the kids, he would have left already. Juan made it clear that he didn’t want to live with Robyn and that he was ready to build a life with someone new.

“I wanna like share my life with somebody. If I didn’t have Corey and Carter, I would be gone already. I want something more.”

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Is Juan, as some viewers said on social media, just using Robyn? In her confessional interview, Robyn said that the basketball camps were another source of income for them and that Juan pretty much relies on her to make everything happen.

Robyn also said in her confessional interview that with how busy they were with the camp, Juan looking for a job and the raising of their two boys, she wasn’t going to bother Juan about the claim that co-star Ashley Darby made, that Juan was dating around, at their last group gathering. Robyn pointed out that sometimes, she finds herself dancing around Juan because he doesn’t want to talk about the important things in life. Perhaps, as the latest episode suggests, Juan never told Robyn that he actually didn’t want to live together?

Robyn has defended herself from heavy criticism over her situation with Juan. On social media, Robyn has maintained that she doesn’t want Juan romantically and that she supports Juan unconditionally.

In fact, Robyn doesn’t care to be with anyone romantically. Robyn said that she, despite what people think, is not desperate for a man.

So why does Robyn Dixon continue living with a man who doesn’t want to be with her romantically? Robyn told Bravo in a recent interview that she and Juan continue to live together so that their two children can have both parents in their lives on an everyday basis and because it makes more financial sense to not split into two households.

Perhaps Juan Dixon himself will appear at the upcoming The Real Housewives of Potomac Season 2 reunion show to address how he really feels about his situation with Robyn and the accusation that he’s just using her? From Robyn’s tweets, that doesn’t seem likely. In one tweet, Robyn said that Juan’s “not into drama” and “has no desire to get dragged into any drama” with the housewives.

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