Sam Hunt talks married life

Sam Hunt Talks About The ‘Spiritual Strength’ Of Married Life With Hannah Lee Fowler

Country music artist Sam Hunt has only been married for a little more than a month, and it looks like he and his new wife are happier than ever. Sam and his new bride, Hannah Lee Fowler, are attending the 2017 Billboard Music Awards in Las Vegas this evening and shared some details about their first month of wedded bliss.

E! News caught up with Sam and Hannah on the red carpet and asked the question curious fans are dying to know. How is married life?

“She’s beautiful. I did really good,” Sam said. Hunt went on to talk about his new wedding ring. “It feels great — there’s a spiritual strength to it, and I feel a little bit taller now that I’m wearing [my ring].”

Sam does his best to keep his life and marriage with Hannah private, but he did manage to include and embarrass her at the 2017 ACM Awards in April. While Sam was performing his smash hit “Body Like a Back Road,” Hunt went down into the audience to find Hannah and serenade her.

“I told her that I might come down. I don’t think she knew I was going to plop down besides her. I had to nudge her over. She didn’t want to scoot over. She finally did.” Sam said of the experience. “It was her first time to an awards show like that. This is her second one so I wanted to just kind of throw her in the deep end. But she came out, and after that she was so much more comfortable even though she didn’t enjoy those 30 seconds very much!”


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According to People, Sam is scheduled to perform “Body Like a Back Road” again tonight. Will Sam head into the audience for a second attempt at embarrassing his new bride Hannah again? With Sam’s popularity, Hannah will be used to being in the spotlight with him in no time.

Sam and Hannah did not have a long engagement before tying the knot in April. People shared the confirmation of Hunt and Fowler’s engagement just this past January. Hannah is the inspiration behind Sam’s debut album, Montevallo, which was named after Fowler’s hometown. Sam even addresses her by name in one of his songs, “Drinkin’ Too Much.”

When talking about his album, Sam speaks highly of Hannah.

“I spent a lot of time talking to her about songs. I probably should have included her as a co-writer on a lot of these songs because I spent a lot of time chatting with her. I got a lot of insight into females in general from being in a close relationship with her. I used a lot of that when writing on the songs, because a lot of the songs are relationship-based. I didn’t want it to be just extra-macho.”

Sam and Hannah married on April 15. Us Weekly shared news of their nuptials. Sam and Hannah said their vows in Hunt’s hometown of Cedartown, Georgia. Even though Sam wore what appeared to be a wedding ring at the ACM Awards, he denied that he and Hannah were secretly married. Turns out they hadn’t at that point.

We slipped Madeline and got a tour of The Big Island last week.

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“I put it on to try it on and decided it felt too good and I didn’t want to take it off,” Sam said. “It’s only a few weeks left before we do get married. [The wedding will be] low-key, low maintenance. We are both kind of introverted people for the most part, so we don’t like celebrating ourselves too much. If there ever is a time to do it, it is now, and it is more to celebrate the union of marriage than it is each other. I am excited about doing that.”

Sam and Hannah are stunning together and fans are happy for them and their new marriage. Best of luck to them in the future.

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