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Shania Twain’s Catsuit Gets People Talking After First Las Vegas Show

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Shania Twain is back in the spotlight. The famous country singer embarked on her two-year residency at the Colosseum in Caesars Palace this weekend but people weren’t talking too much about the performance. Instead, it was Twain’s skintight catsuit that really drove the conversation.

The Huffington Post writes: “The 47-year-old singer looked stunning as she performed in a sparking bodysuit.”

According to Hollywood Life, Twain did several costume changes throughout the show. The singer took the stage in pink boots and cowboy flannel, a flowing white gown, and of course, a skintight catsuit.

Twain, who received a standing ovation after her first performance in 8 years, said:

“This has been a dream for eight years, including the two since we made that announcement. I’m exhausted, happy, thrilled, satisfied, but those quick changes will keep you pretty fit. I’m not as tired as I thought I would be from running backstage like a mad woman in and out of costumes. I’m in good shape. I feel good. My voice is in good shape.”

The country singer, who has five-Grammy Awards, worked her way through hits like Man! I Feel Like A Woman!, You’re Still The One and That Don’t Impress Me Much during her two -hour performance. Twain’s catsuit may have stole the show but there were plenty of other eye-popping spectacles, including a couple of horses, some motorcycles and few acrobats dangling from the ceiling.

Here’s more pictures of Shania Twain’s Las Vegas show.

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23 Responses to “Shania Twain’s Catsuit Gets People Talking After First Las Vegas Show”

  1. Anonymous

    Ahh where is the problem here? She is a good looking woman and obviously cares about her appearance, unlike some of the Walmart beauties one sees in our country.

  2. Izzy Smith

    Yeah. Nothing says "country music" to me more than a skin tight jumpsuit with a bunch of cut-outs on it… oh wait… no… that says "Metal" to me. I think it's time to bring back the Metal… old school style.

  3. Angela Maxwell

    So glade to see her back to being the star she was blessed to be after her ex husband and assistant betrayed her in the worst way. Shows that God is truely good and SHANIA YOU ARE AND ALWAYS WILL BE BEAUTIFUL INSIDE AND OUT. Thanks for being a strong role model for other good women out here… ALWAYS A FAN!

  4. Anna Reznik

    Every woman should strive to look like that, at every age, not just 47.

  5. Anna Reznik

    Whoever posted that hateful remark is insane, if you are a man, and jealous if you are a woman!!!!

  6. Becky Hamilton

    I know you aren't talking about Our RedNeck Girl.Yea Shania is pretty, but Ms. Willson can out sing out dance her any day.

  7. Bob Parenteau

    Amen Anna. At 47, she's hotter than most 21 year olds. Between her and Martina, I know why I absolutely love country music and country women (not Walmart country either, lol)

  8. Bob Parenteau

    Looking at your picture, John, I'd say you're the one that sucks ass, big macs, double quarter pounders, pizzas, etc…. Fat bastard with no class.

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