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WWE Rumors: Who Is Finn Balor’s 2017 Girlfriend – Bayley Or Cathy Kelley?

WWE star Finn Balor is finally gaining some momentum on Monday Night Raw. Since Balor joined the WWE’s main roster, he has been beset by injuries, and as a result, he has not progressed as quickly as the WWE universe would have liked. Balor is a popular WWE superstar, so it is inevitable that many of Finn’s fans will want to know who he is dating. Over the course of 2017, Balor’s girlfriend has been the subject of much speculation, and Finn is currently being linked with both fellow WWE wrestler Bayley and WWE announcer Cathy Kelley.

According to Married Wiki, Balor has been in a relationship with former WWE Women’s champion Bayley. The claims that Bayley and Balor are an item stem largely from a Twitter post made by Balor. Finn shared an image of himself and Bayley with his parents from backstage at a WWE show. Balor tagged the photo with the words “meet the parents,” and that seems to be sufficient information to suggest that Balor and Bayley are set to get married.

It seems unlikely that Balor and Bayley are a couple. Bayley, whose real name is Pamela Rose Martinez, is reportedly engaged to wrestler Aaron Solow, who competes on the independent circuit. Admittedly Balor and Bayley would make a great WWE “power couple,” but it seems like their relationship is a strictly professional one.

So, if Balor and Bayley are not a couple, the who is Finn Balor’s 2017 girlfriend? Wrestling Revealed believe that they have solved the conundrum, and Balor’s girlfriend is indeed a WWE star. Cathy Kelley works as an announcer of the WWE’s Monday Night Raw and is believed to be Balor’s girlfriend.

“The Finn Balor girlfriend mystery has finally been solved.

“Her identity is now known to WWE fans. It is none other than ring announcer Cathy Kelley. Not surprisingly, the confirmation happened via social media. Fans spotted Balor and Kelley together out in public. Finn was holding her hand like she was his girlfriend. No word yet on how long he has been dating Cathy.”

If Balor is dating Kelley, they would be following in the footsteps of numerous WWE relationships. Triple H and Stephanie McMahon, John Cena and Nikki Bella, and Daniel Bryan and Brie Bella, are just a few of the famous WWE relationships that have gone before. Fans may be interested in who Finn Balor’s girlfriend is, but Balor has a more important relationship developing, and this one is in the ring.

Finn Balor Roman Reigns
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Finn Balor Vs. Roman Reigns, A New Feud For The Big Dog?

As mentioned above, Finn Balor’s WWE career has been blighted with injury problems, and it may be an injury that proves to be a huge boost to Balor’s WWE career. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, the WWE have put a huge amount of effort into a boost for Braun Strowman. The “Monster Among Men” has been pitched into a hugely entertaining feud with Roman Reigns.

Sadly, Strowman has sustained an injury that will reportedly keep him out of action for six months. That injury is a huge blow for Strowman and for the WWE network, but it could prove to be a blessing for Finn Balor. Whilst Strowman spent Monday Night Raw preparing for surgery on his injured elbow, Balor was preparing to take on and defeat Roman Reigns.

Strowman’s injury came at a really bad time for Reigns. After Reigns retired The Undertaker at WrestleMania 33, it has become clear that Reigns vs. Strowman was central to the network’s creative plans for the rest of 2017. Strowman’s injury suddenly left Reigns without a storyline, and that’s not a situation that the WWE will allow to last for long.

Finn Balor Extreme Rules
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There is little doubt that Reigns vs. Balor would make for an entertaining storyline, and after all his injury woes, Balor needs a push. Their match, on this week’s Monday Night Raw, showed that Reigns and Balor can put on a show, and both wrestlers are competing in a “fatal five-way” match at the Extreme Rules PPV on June 4. As reported on the WWE website, Reigns and Balor join Seth Rollins, Bray Wyatt, and Samoa Joe in a match that will earn the winner a shot at Brock Lesnar for the Universal Championship.

It had been strongly rumored that Lesnar would make his first defense of the Universal title against Braun Strowman, so Strowman’s injury opens a great opportunity for Balor, should he come through at Extreme Rules.

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