Amber Portwood and Matt Baier attend 2015 MTV Movie Awards

Amber Portwood And Matt Baier: The Wedding Is On Hold Again

News recently broke that Amber Portwood and Matt Baier of Teen Mom OG had called off their romance after Baier took a lie detector test and failed miserably. The pair, however, stated that they were still together and had not broken up yet. But whatever is happening, one thing is for certain, and that is they’ve shelved their wedding plans again.

The pair were set to walk down the aisle this October with all of the Teen Mom cast and crew, but due to Amber Portwood’s trust issues with Baier, the whole thing is on hold and might even get called off eventually.

The reality TV couple already postponed their wedding last year and are doing so again, but it doesn’t the mean they’ve broken up. Instead, they want to “work on their relationship” before they take the plunge and get married. The two, however, have been working on their relationship for what seems like years, and if it can’t be fixed, perhaps it is time to call it quits.

Rumors surfaced last week that the pair had parted ways after Matt failed a lie detector test that Amber Portwood forced him to take. Last month, reports surfaced that Matt had been cheating on Amber with a bevy of women, and had possibly even fathered a child with one of them. He took the lie detector test, which included questions about whether or not he had cheated on Amber or tried to cheat on her recently. Sources say he failed, but Baier claims he took a second lie detector test and passed it, and the pair is still together “as of now.”

There were also rumors that after failing the first lie detector test, Amber Portwood sent Matt packing as the pair were in Los Angeles for the MTV Movie and TV Awards when it occurred. She told him to get out of her house and be gone by the time she returned to Indiana. The young mom also appeared on Dr. Drew Pinsky’s wife’s show in which she talked about her relationship with Matt in the past tense and alluded to the pair having some serious problems. However, she didn’t elaborate on what exactly was going on behind closed doors.

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But according to reports, Amber Portwood might have originally sent him packing, but she had a change of heart. The couple is supposedly still living together.

Amber Portwood has been quietly deleting photos of Matt on her Instagram, which is always a tell-tale sign that there is trouble in paradise.

She recently made a statement.

“I can’t say we’re together right now and I can’t say we aren’t together right now.”

A source also spoke on why the pair decided to shelve their wedding plans.

“A lot has come out through the course of filming and from various online stories. That has added extra pressure and made things difficult.”

In the last episode of Teen Mom OG, it couldn’t be any clearer that Amber’s gut instincts were kicking in and telling her to run from Matt. At a bridal shop for her friend Annette, she became paralyzed with anxiety when her field producer asked her about her own wedding plans. She said she loved Matt and wanted to spend the rest of her life with him, but that she couldn’t fully trust him.

She tried on a gorgeous, elegant long sleeved wedding dress during the episode. Instead of crying tears of joy for how beautiful she looked, she began to become apprehensive and scared that their relationship wouldn’t work out.

If that isn’t a sign that Amber should be replacing her heels with running shoes, it’s hard to say what is.

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