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Another Royal Wedding? What Engagement Ring Will Prince Harry Give to Meghan Markle If He Proposes?

As Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s relationship grows more serious by the day, there is a lot of curiosity swirling as to what engagement ring Prince Harry will choose for Meghan Markle if they do officially announce their intention to get married. And with the Royal Family’s vast collection of jewels, Harry will not have far to look when it comes to choosing a special ring for Meghan.

Probably one of the most special engagement rings there is, of course, has already been taken. This is the stunning diamond and sapphire ring that once belonged to Princess Diana upon her engagement to Prince Charles, and which has resided beautifully on the hand of Kate Middleton since she and Prince William first became engaged.

But even though Princess Diana’s engagement ring is off limits, there are still plenty of other engagement rings sacred to the Royal Family that Prince Harry could give to Meghan Markle upon their engagement.

Two engagement rings, in particular, that might interest Harry belonged to the Queen Mother, as the Express reports. Yes, the Queen Mother once had two engagements rings. Her first engagement ring was Welsh gold with a quite large sapphire in it, and then in the 1950s, the Queen Mother began wearing a different engagement ring. Her second one featured a pearl in the middle with diamonds hovering around it.

Kate Middleton and Prince William, with Kate wearing Princess Diana's engagement ring.
Kate Middleton and Prince William, with Kate wearing Princess Diana’s engagement ring. [Image by Chris Jackson/Getty Images]

If Prince Harry did elect to give Meghan Markle one of the Queen Mother’s engagement rings, he wouldn’t have far to look as it is believed that when she died the rings went back to the Royal Vault. However, it would depend entirely on Meghan’s taste in rings and whether she prefers old-fashioned jewelry or something a little more modern. As Kate Middleton’s engagement ring is also a sapphire one, it is probably unlikely that Markle would choose the first ring of the Queen Mother’s engagement rings if Harry Prince and Meghan Markle did get engaged.

One engagement ring which was given by a member of the Royal Family to another American was the one given to Wallis Simpson by Edward VIII. Simpson was given a 19.77-carat emerald ring when Edward proposed to her, and inside the ring was inscribed, “We are ours now 27 X 36.” These numbers marked the day that Edward VIII proposed to Wallis Simpson. However, this ring is not one of those put back into the Royal Vault and was sold in 1987 for £1.8 million.

Another engagement ring in the Royal Vault that Prince Harry could give to Meghan Markle belonged to Princess Margaret. Anthony Armstrong-Jones once pictured Margaret’s ring as being one with “a ruby set like a rosebud with a diamond marguerite.”

When it comes to picking an engagement ring suitable for Meghan Markle, if or when she and Prince Harry do decide to tie the knot, jewelry buyer Lorna Haddon explained that Meghan seems more contemporary than traditional and that her jewelry style currently reflects that.

“Meghan has an impressive jewelry collection and isn’t afraid to stand out from the crowd with a range of eye-catching pieces. Her jewelry choices really emphasize her unique fashion sense and style, and she is often spotted wearing stacking rings, contrasting metals and quirky designs.”

[Image by Tasos Katopodis/Getty Images]

Lorna Haddon also said she believes that Meghan Markle is a lover of colored stones, like Princess Diana and the rest of the Royal Family, and she believes that Prince Harry would most likely choose one of these for her engagement ring.

“Another option for Harry would be to follow in his brother’s footsteps and choose a piece from his mother’s precious collection. Meghan is rumored to share Princess Diana’s love of colored stones, so there’s a chance Harry might create a bespoke design for the ring. I think the most likely option would be for him to take a central colored gem such as an emerald or a colored diamond from one of Diana’s necklaces and surrounded it with a cluster of brilliant diamonds.”

What kind of engagement ring do you think Meghan Markle will wear if she and Prince Harry get married?

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