Trump Spells 'Counsel' Wrong On Twitter: Clinton And Obama's 'Illegal Acts' Never Had Special 'Councel'

Trump Spells ‘Counsel’ Wrong On Twitter: Clinton And Obama’s ‘Illegal Acts’ Never Had Special ‘Councel’

President Donald Trump returned to Twitter on Thursday, May 18, to address the controversies surrounding him. And he did so in a fashion that proved once more that President Trump isn’t the best when it comes to spelling. As seen in the tweet that is still live on President Trump’s Twitter page as of this writing, Mr. Trump wrote “councel,” when in fact he should have written counsel.

“With all of the illegal acts that took place in the Clinton campaign & Obama Administration, there was never a special councel appointed!”

Trump went on to call the special counsel appointed to him a witch hunt. And not just any witch hunt, but the greatest one ever of a politico like himself in all of the history of the U.S.

“This is the single greatest witch hunt of a politician in American history!”

First off, typing the word “councel” into Google immediately brings up results for counsel instead, only offering searchers to search instead for councel as a back up for the incorrectly spelled word. The search engine defines counsel as formal advice given, guidance and direction. Counsel also has legal ramifications.

Typing “councel” into Twitter shows the social networking platform correcting users who type the word “councel” into their search engine as well.

“Including results for council. Search only for councel instead.”

As reported by the BBC, President Trump is referring on Twitter to the special counsel has been appointed to look into any potential Russian meddling with the presidential elections in the U.S., and if any folks in Trump’s camp were complicit in that meddling. Robert Mueller was appointed special counsel for the Russian investigation surrounding Trump.

Mueller comes to the special counsel position after being the leader of the FBI for more than 10 years. The special counsel should act as an independent investigator into matters concerning the Russians and any alleged attempts to interfere or alter the outcome of the election cycle during which President Trump participated.

Besides his tenure at the helm of the FBI, Mueller is being deemed a fitting special counsel, according to the New York Times, because Mueller is known for his independent streak. The tasks at hand to be delved into by the special counsel include any alleged ties between Trump’s campaign camp and Russian officials, as well as any other concerns that could come up as a result of the investigation. That last point means that Mueller can, as special counsel, determine if President Trump himself has committed any acts deemed illegal.

Some of the feedback flowing into social media networks about the “special councel” Trump tweeted about, as well as general reactions to President Trump, can be read below.

Responses to Trump’s Twitter Tweet Using ‘Councel’

“‘councel’ — he means counsel.”

“Councel? The man is not only a terrible speller, but clearly does not even understand how spellcheck works on his phone. Embarrassing.”

“Ah. Someone got his phone back. ‘Councel.'”

“It’s ‘counsel’ not ‘councel.’ How did someone this dumb get elected?”

“It took me a while to understand what the big deal was with ‘councel.’ Looked good to me.

“Only time I’ve seen the spelling ‘councel’ used before was in a 1934 headline. Probably no one used it again until today.”

“He needs a pencel with and erasor. Councel? .”

“Sigh. Councel?”

“Trumps recent tweet is a coded message to the /r/councel community, his most ardent supporters whose name stands for ‘Country Celibate.'”

“‘Councel’, and you are Pres. What a joke.”

“He does realize that there is no ‘councel’ set up for him either right?! Now, he could use some counseling but that’s a whole other story…”

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