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Chelsea Houska DeBoer Says She’s Already Ready For Baby No. 3

Chelsea Houska, now DeBoer, says she’s got a bad case of baby fever, and her son, Watson, is only 3-months-old. The mom of two recently took to Twitter to express displeasure at herself for having a tiny infant and is already counting down the days until she gets pregnant with a new baby.

“How can I have baby fever WHILE I’m HOLDING A THREE MONTH OLD?” she tweeted.

Chelsea Houska is one of the few Teen Moms to have it all together. Although things weren’t always smooth sailing for the young mom, she’s now settled down and happily married to the love of her life, Cole DeBoer.

Fans of Teen Mom 2 will remember a time when Chelsea Houska was still hung up on Aubree’s father, Adam. The father of the now-7-year-old often treated both Chelsea and their daughter badly, at one point even telling Chelsea that having her had been a mistake and that he no longer wanted to be in his daughter’s life.

Aubree’s father, Adam Lind, has often slammed Teen Mom producers, as well as Chelsea Houska herself, for his portrayal on the MTV show. He often says that he is given a bad edit, though this past season he was a no-show for the reunion special and was shown making his producers wait for hours for him to appear on camera, only to drive off.

Recently, Adam Lind’s custody arrangements for his daughters Aubree and Paislee, whom he shares with a woman from another relationship, have been altered after Chelsea Houska grew suspicious of his drug use. Lind was then tested, and he was found to have meth in his system. Because of this, his visits with Paislee are supervised, and Chelsea Houska ensures that he is not left alone with daughter Aubree.

My world is truly better with you in it. Happy Birthday, my love. ❤️

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Earlier this month, Adam Lind went to court for allegedly owing Chelsea Houska $3,700 in back child support payments and his other ex, Taylor Halbur, $7,000. According to an insider, Lind doesn’t pay the proper amount or on time because he thinks it’s ridiculous and unfair, but the court failed to see it Adam’s way.

While Chelsea Houska has claimed several times that Adam Lind only shows up to Aubree’s events when its convenient for him or the cameras are rolling, luckily her daughter has a male role model in her stepdad, Cole DeBoer. While Chelsea makes it clear to the little girl that Cole isn’t her real dad, he has stepped up majorly and is doing lots of dad duties, including taking Aubree to a father/daughter dance that Adam bailed on.

Chelsea Houska previously stated that Cole was incredibly excited to have his first baby, and knowing that he’s a good father probably makes her want to have even more children with him.

I sure love this sweet boy ❤️ @coledeboer

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Chelsea confessed to being so in love with their new baby that she didn’t even want to leave him to work out to help her lose the baby weight. Instead, she said, she’s brought the elliptical into the living room so she can bond with her baby while she exercises.

She’s also decided not to have another baby until she loses this baby weight, which she says is her motivation to get back down to her pre-baby weight. The mom of two has also recently quit her day job in order to be with both of her kids full-time.

With everything Chelsea Houska has been through with Adam, her happiness is totally deserved. The Sioux Falls mom has finally found the fairy-tale ending she was always hoping for with Adam but could never achieve. It seems she was just waiting for the wrong prince!

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