Denny's New Wedding Chapel: Las Vegas Restaurant Adds Matrimony To The Menu

Denny’s New Wedding Chapel: Las Vegas Restaurant Adds Matrimony To The Menu

Denny’s new wedding chapel gives Las Vegas diners a chance to add a lifetime of happiness to their Grand Slam breakfast.

The famous 24-hour diner on Thursday opened a Las Vegas location that includes a wedding chapel, which Reuters reported was designed to set the Denny’s apart from other eateries on the Vegas strip.

“A normal Denny’s is not going to cut it in Vegas,” said Frances Allen, chief marketing officer at Denny’s.

Denny’s new wedding chapel is not the only unique feature in the Las Vegas location, she noted. The restaurant opened there last week will have a new bar, a feature included in fewer than 50 of the total 1,700 Denny’s worldwide.

It will also have an interactive photo booth with props and an an option to share the touristy shots via social media, WTVR in Las Vegas reported. Patrons who don’t want to make use of Denny’s new wedding chapel will be able to head to the bar to sample some unique cocktails including a bacon-flavored martini.

The Las Vegas Denny’s restaurant will also be among the biggest in the company. Located on Freemont Street, the Denny’s will cover 6,400 square feet and is owned by the parent company instead of being franchised. Company officials also said it was among the most expensive Denny’s ever to be built, though they did not give a total cost for its construction.

There was some other big news for Denny’s new wedding chapel, which is set to open in the first quarter of 2013. The chapel will kick off with a celebrity wedding in 2013, though details of which celebrity were not given.