Seth MacFarlane Star Trek spoof The Orville

Seth MacFarlane’s ‘Star Trek’ Spoof To Be A ‘Space Dramedy’

Seth MacFarlane’s The Orville — which looks like a Star Trek spoof — penetrated our universe on Monday with its humor, sarcastic quips, and a pretty promising plot.

On Monday, Emmy Award-winning executive producer and creator Seth MacFarlane (Family Guy, Ted) took to Twitter to share an exclusive official image from Fox’s upcoming space dramedy series The Orville.

Shortly after the release of the image featuring Seth MacFarlane and Adrianne Palicki as a divorced couple set to co-captain a mid-level exploratory spaceship called the Orville, as well as the rest of the suitably crazy crew that includes aliens, Fox released the first trailer for its upcoming Star Trek spoof.

The first trailer for The Orville shows that Seth MacFarlane is finally delivering the kind of comedy nobody has seen from him before. While the upcoming Fox series looks like a Star Trek spoof, the show actually parodies every hit show and film set in space.

While Seth MacFarlane’s Ed and his ex-wife Kelly Grayson, along with the rest of the eccentric crew, tackle aliens and bad guys in space, they also tackle some of the familiar and oftentimes humorous problems of everyday life, including post-divorce relations between people and urinating several times throughout the night.

While The Orville is basically a Star Trek parody — and has Seth MacFarlane and Palicki spoofing Kirk and Spock — it’s a brand new space dramedy that offers a humorous look at the spaceship’s adventures through space.

Directed by Jon Favreau (The Jungle Book, Iron Man), The Orville was ordered by Fox last year for a 13-episode first season. The dramedy series starring Seth MacFarlane in the main role is set to premiere in fall 2017. However, Fox has yet to unveil its premiere date.

Channeling Star Trek vibes, The Orville is set in the 25th century and explores the adventures of the spaceship as well as the complicated relationship between divorced Seth MacFarlane and Palicki’s onscreen characters, according to Coming Soon.

The hilarious trailer for The Orville sets the perfect tone for the upcoming Fox series, and many fans on social media are seemingly excited about the new show.

The trailer for The Orville reveals quite a few things about the show’s characters. Aside from Seth MacFarlane having to put up with his ex-wife while leading the spaceship together, the trailer shows Bortus (Peter Macon), an alien from a single-sex species.

Seth MacFarlane’s character is very curious about Bortus and his species’ urinating habits and asks Bortus about having no arguments within the species as there are no females in his single-sex species.

And while Bortus confirms that there are no arguments about leaving the toilet seat up, he confirms another exciting thing about being an alien of his species: they only urinate once per year! That seems to leave Seth MacFarlane’s puzzled, as he reveals that he’s up two or three times per night to pee.

The Orville trailer also showed that Seth MacFarlane can’t tell the difference between mints and marbles (and has to spit out a marble later in that scene).

The Orville is basically the next best space thing until Star Trek Discovery is released. And since there’s no release date for the new Star Trek series yet, The Orville is on every space film fan’s mind right now – for all the right reasons!

Showcasing Star Trek-like science fiction space series tropes, The Orville also features quite a few Star Trek alums in its cast.

The Orville stars Scott Grimes, who appeared on Star Trek: The Next Generation TV series, and the trailer shows the actor’s character, Gordon Malloy, as the best friend of Seth MacFarlane’s character, drinking beer at 9:15 in the morning while navigating the spaceship and nearly getting into an accident.

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