'Southern Charm' Exposed! Thomas Ravenel And Kathryn Dennis' Court Docs Reveal Show Is Faked [Featured Image by Bravo]

‘Southern Charm’ Exposed! Thomas Ravenel And Kathryn Dennis’ Court Docs Reveal Show Is Faked

Thomas Ravenel and Kathryn Dennis are locked in a nasty custody battle, and court records may have revealed a bit of fakery on Southern Charm. Radar Online reports that Thomas and Kathryn actually lived in Florida prior to the birth of their first daughter, even though the show focuses on their history in South Carolina.

In official documents from Charleston County, Kathryn’s mother, Allison Dennis, says that they moved to South Carolina a month after the birth of their daughter, Kensington. Even more, the couple didn’t move to Charleston at first. Instead, they bought a home in Edisto Island and only moved to the city for Season 2 of Southern Charm.

“During their time living in Edisto and Charlotte Street, Thomas would often ask Kathryn to leave,” Allison explained. “Kathryn would have me come pick up her and her daughter and they would stay with me and my husband. This became a regular occurrence during Season 2 filming.”

Thomas and Kathryn are currently fighting for the custody of their two children, Kensington, 3, and Saint, 2. According to Bustle, Kathryn’s battle for joint custody hit a roadblock in Season 4 when she failed a drug test. Not only did this complicate her argument for custody, but it also left the reality star feeling ashamed.

“I was totally lost. Not even embarrassed, humiliated, ashamed, I mean all of those combined. It’s the most disappointed I’ve ever felt in myself in my entire life,” she shared. “I’ve learned that I have [to] cope right now because there is an end to all of this […] There’s going to be a day when things get back to normal, and that day’s getting closer and closer.”

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Thomas currently enjoys full custody of the two children. The Southern Charm star opened up about what it’s like parenting full-time but did not divulge any details about the custody battle. He is believed to have retained full custody after Kathryn’s latest drug failure.

That said, Kathryn claims she regularly undergoes testing and hasn’t failed anything.

“This is going to be public record soon, and yes, the court and Thomas have seen that I test regularly, and have not failed,” she stated. “I would have never gotten custody.”

Kathryn’s comments seem to back up events that unfolded on an episode of Southern Charm. During one installment, Kathryn and Thomas said that she passed the drug test and was given weekend custody rights as a result. The episode was produced in 2016, so it’s unclear if her failed test happened sometime this year.

Whatever the case, it’s clear that the estranged couple’s custody fight is not over. According to Radar Online, Kathryn and Thomas are scheduled for a court hearing in early May, and the main topic of conversation is Kathryn’s medical records. If Kathryn can prove that she’s been sober, then there’s a good chance she’ll be granted more visitation rights.

"Southern Charm" stars Kathryn Dennis and Thomas Ravenel exchange words.
Thomas and Kathryn have had a rocky relationship from the very beginning. [Image by Bravo]

Thomas’ custody battle with Kathryn hit an all-time high last year when she enrolled in rehab to get help for her drug addiction. Now that she’s sober and turning her life around, it looks like Kathryn won’t stop until she wins her children back.

Thomas, of course, has had his share of drug problems in the past as well. Back in 2007, Thomas was arrested for cocaine possession with plans to distribute. He only received 10 months in jail but was forced to resign as the South Carolina state treasurer.

Despite all the drama surrounding Thomas and Kathryn, E! News reports that Southern Charm has slowly become one of Bravo’s most popular shows.

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