Chance The Rapper's Instagram Like Causes Fat-Shaming Drama After He Accidentally Liked 'Just Puked' Comment

Chance The Rapper’s Instagram Like Causes Fat-Shaming Drama After He Accidentally Liked ‘Just Puked’ Comment

Chance The Rapper is currently embroiled in a fat-shaming controversy that has caused Chance’s name to trend on Twitter, and have lots of activity on Instagram, where the drama began. As seen in the below photo, the Twitter account of “GabiFresh” posted her dismay at Chance after posting a screenshot showing an Instagram like by Chance the Rapper.

“ChanceTheRapper liked DeezBryant1’s comment: Just puked.”

GabiFresh posted the screenshot to her Twitter account, asking, “Ugh, Chance. Why??!!?? I loved you.” The photo featured three women who are topless, holding their breasts and wearing jeans. All three women are plus-size women. As seen in the photo, “Lil Chano From 79th,” which is the name of Chance the Rapper’s Twitter account, noted that the Instagram like wasn’t fake, but Chance wrote that he accidentally liked the offensive comment on Instagram. Chance apologized to anyone he hurt and wrote that the Instagram like doesn’t reflect his character.

Whereas some people are vouching for Chance, and noting how easy it is to accidentally like an Instagram comment you might not agree with due to “fat fingering” on Instagram scrolling, others are dubious about Chance the Rapper’s claims.

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Meanwhile, the “deezbryant1” Instagram account that made the comment is private.

And of all the Instagram posts tagged with the #chancetherapper hashtag, which represent 331,415 Instagram posts right now, some of the most popular Instagram posts represent the drama of Chance the Rapper’s Instagram like. Advanced Instagram users know that clicking the heart icon at the bottom of their Instagram mobile app’s page gives them to choice to see notifications about not only which Instagram users have liked their Instagram posts, but by choosing “Following,” Instagram allows others to see the activity of the folks they follow on Instagram as well.

The “Following” page on Instagram also shows Instagram users any comments that the people they follow on Instagram have liked as well as any Instagram users that those Instagram users have followed. Stalking such activity is called “comment creeping,” and catching a screenshot of a famous person liking a controversial comment or unfollowing someone they once dated or similar Instagram activity tends to make news.

Chance the Rapper has apologized for what he calls an accidental Instagram like, and is likely to be swiftly forgiven, given Chance’s status with his fans. The original photo appeared to have come from a Fashion Nova ad.

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With terms like “Chance” and “Chance the Rapper Instagram” and “Chance the Rapper liked” getting attention on Twitter, some of the comments being made about Chance’s Instagram like from social media can be read below.

“It was an accident Ik he wouldn’t do that man Chance isn’t that type of person.”

“I had to deactivate my account for 2 weeks bc I accidentally liked a comment stalking my ex so… yeah it happens.”

“When you scroll up on the right side of your screen, you can accidentally like a comment. Unfortunately he liked ‘I just puked’ lmao.”

“He probably never in his wildest dreams thought someone was stalking his likes.”

“Momma was showing me something on my brother Instagram after they got into it and she say don’t scroll you might like his s*** by accident. I started laughing so hard.”

“It doesn’t matter if you like fat girls or not there is still no need to bash a HUMAN BEING for doing nothing but existing. Now I do believe him bc I do it all the time but it’s you trash a** f*****s in the comments. A lot of y’all would never say the s*** you saying in somebody’s face so why say it on the Internet.”

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