Heidi Klum as Cleopatra

Heidi Klum As Cleopatra, Model Stuns At Belated Halloween Celebration

Heidi Klum as Cleopatra for Halloween makes sense, but what about Halloween in December? Klum, a big fan of the holiday, hosted a belated celebration after Hurricane Sandy postponed her original plans.

Klum hosts an annual costume bash every year, and, as Hurricane Sandy approached, she announced that she would be “postponing to a haunted Christmas.”

Heidi Klum was so serious about her celebration that she began tweeting about her costume before the event even occurred, giving sneak peaks at what would eventually become her full ensemble.

While the super model showed off many parts of her Cleopatra costume via tweets, she saved the grand finale for last: her jewel-encrusted face.

Heidi Klum as Cleopatra was revealed at Club Finale in New York City where she showed up dressed in a gold, sparkly grown with a floor-length cape and a headdress with her face covered in rhinestones.

So who did Heidi Klum as Cleopatra arrive to the show with? None other than Santa Claus of course! While she didn’t have an official date, the model’s choice to mix Halloween and Christmas seemed very Tim Burton like in motif.

The party was not just a way to ensure a proper Halloween celebration. All proceeds from the event will go to support hurricane relief efforts.

Here’s one of the tweets Heidi Klum sent in preparation for her big night:

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