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Dolphin Bites 8-Year-Old Girl At Sea World, Drags Her Into The Water

Dolphin Attacks 8-year-old girl at Sea World

A dolphin bit an 8-year-old girl at Sea World this past weekend, grabbing the small child by the arm and dragging her into the water. Jillian Thomas’ mom took her to see the dolphins, which she calls her daughter’s favorite animal.

Jillian was feeding one of the dolphins at Dolphin Cove when the incident occurred.

The 8-year-old girl was visiting the dolphins for the second time of that day when she lifted a small plate of dolphin food into the area after becoming over excited. Park officials warn guests to keep food out of reach and to avoid lifting plates of food into the air near the dolphins.

Excited to grab an entire plate of food, the dolphin grabbed Jillian’s arm and dragged her into the water.

The dolphin bites on the 8-year-old girl were not life threatening, but she was left with dime-sized teeth marks on her arm.

According to the little girl’s parents, Sea World employees “trivialized the attack.”

In a statement following the dolphin attack, Sea World employees said:

“Nothing is more important to us than the health and safety of our guests, employees and animals. Educators and animal care staff were at the attraction when this happened and immediately connected with the family.”

While the family was furious over the attack, they say there are no plans to sue Sea World. Jillian’s mom and dad have requested that Sea World increase its age limit for Dolphin feedings.

Do you think Sea World is to blame, or should Jillian’s parents have been doing a better job parenting their 8-year-old child near potentially dangerous animals?

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6 Responses to “Dolphin Bites 8-Year-Old Girl At Sea World, Drags Her Into The Water”

  1. Christopher Burris

    Dolphin did not "Bite" the went after the food because she looked away and did not follow the rules…It amazing how the media makes so much out of nothing..And the parents are stupid for being infuriated when everybody know the risks involved.

  2. Beverly Hayes

    Get your facts right! She did NOT get dragged into the water, the dolphin did NOT attack her but went for the food she was holding on a paper plate, which they all had been told not to do. The bites, according to another article I read, are much better and the only concern the little girl had was that the dolphin would get sick from eating the paper plate. Parents should have been watching her to be sure she was not holding the food so the dolphin could grab it. I hate when articles don't tell the story correctly.

  3. Lisa Payne

    Friggen dad is on t.v trying to say : oh there were no disclaimers " u fuckin idiot, those amimals are bombarded by u fools and when something happens the family is trying to get a lawsuit! people really discust me in how they behave! the dad looks like such a dam idiot,,, the poor dolfin was just trying to get a snack and oh my god it accidently bit someone! how many people has that poor enclosed animal encountered and ate out of there hands and not had a problem!~! grow up idiots!

  4. Heather Johnson

    Stupid parents. The dolphin did not attack the little girl. The little girl, who was clearly not supervised by her parents, did something that Sea World warned against. The dolphin was simply acting like a dolphin.

  5. Jennifer Cobaugh

    All I got to say is the parents were STUPID on not watching their child while she was feeding them. The article even says that the workers tell them NOT to wave the food above the water. The article even says: "park officials warn guests to keep food out of reach and to avoid lifting plates of food into the air near the dolphins." That doesn't mean ohh its ok to wave the food around and lift the plate above the water. The 8 year old should have been more careful with what she was doing. Get the story right before you make an article.

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