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Farrah Abraham On Simon Saran: ‘I Had To Propose To Myself’

Farrah Abraham recently sat down to dish on all things Simon Saran, including their relationship and where they currently stand. According to Farrah, she and Simon are just friends right now, mainly because he “refused” to “step up” and propose to her the way she wanted to.

Although Farrah Abraham may not be the easiest person to get along with, in her new interview with Wetpaint, she describes herself as chill and “the coolest boss ever,” though it might be interesting to hear what some of her employees say about her.

The reality TV queen dished on her relationship with Simon, saying that she had to propose to herself and bought herself a ring and because of that, it makes her far less interested in Simon. To this date, Simon has not yet paid Farrah back for the ring, which he promised to do when he finally proposed to her.

Declaring that “waiting is for ugly girls,” Farrah Abraham decided she wasn’t going to continue hiding her sparkler in the closet, so in this week’s episode of Teen Mom OG, she took it out and wore it with Simon despite them firmly maintaining their “just friends” status. She also stated that currently, she is enjoying dating and that she isn’t going to hang around waiting for someone to get on the same page as she is when it comes to their relationship.

Simon has been seen helping Farrah Abraham with her many businesses she runs in Austin, Texas. The mom of one currently runs a children’s boutique, frozen yogurt shop, and a furniture store. While during episodes of Teen Mom OG, Simon is seen training employees and helping run a tight ship, Farrah confessed to Wetpaint that she wasn’t a huge fan of having Saran around to do her bidding for her.

“I prefer him not around my business. It’s also challenging for my managers and other colleagues to deal with some of my friends or family members. I mean I’m just a big help. I know how to run things, create things and they’re happy that I’m around. I’m like the coolest boss, I think ever.”

Farrah Abraham also touched on her relationship with her mother, which is extremely contentious and part of the reason she is appearing on this season’s Marriage Bootcamp: Reality Star Family Edition. The reality star says she is “incredibly real” and that she doesn’t have the energy to fake problems with her family or boyfriend for TV.

She confessed that Simon actually reminded her of her mother, which is partly the reason the two are just friends.

“Do you really want to date someone who reminds you of your parents in some ways that aren’t really that great?” she asked rhetorically.

The crux of many of the reality star’s issues with her mother remains a fight the pair had in 2010 that both seem to remember very differently. Farrah Abraham remembers being beaten by her mother, while her mother remembers Farrah putting her in a headlock and threatening to kill her.

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Because of being unable to come to the same conclusion on this incident, Farrah Abraham has revealed that the two no longer speak at all and that she won’t be attending her mother’s wedding.

She hinted the pair would confront the past head-on in a future episode of Marriage Bootcamp.

“There is an episode where we talk about traumatic experiences, my mom and I, and we still cannot get on the same page. So, sometimes between lie detector tests and traumatic experiences, there’s just a certain point in time where you’re like, ‘Somebody does not have the wherewithal to take accountability to even remember things,’ and you’re like, ‘Why do I even want to be around them anymore?’ The best narcissists can block things out and act like nothing ever happened to just keep going.”

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