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‘General Hospital’ Spoilers for Week May 15-19: Anna Wakes, Jake’s Deadly Magic, Valentin Fights for Nina

The spoilers for General Hospital are out and the week of May 15-19 promises to be a week filled with intrigue, personal sacrifices and truth.

Franco (Roger Howarth) escapes from his chains in Greece, Jake (Hudson West) becomes enchanted with magic, the real Anna (Finola Hughes) wakes up, Julian (William DeVry) is visited by Lady Luck, Nina (Michelle Stafford) turns to Andre (Anthony Montgomery) for help, and Hayden (Rebecca Budig) goes beyond the call of duty to clear Dr. Hamilton Finn’s (Michael Easton) name

General Hospital Spoilers for Next Week, Monday May 15, 2017: Valentin Fights For His Marriage

James Patrick Stuart General Hospital Annual Annie Awards 2013
James Patrick Stuart at the Annual Annie Awards, 2013 [Image by Paul A. Hebert/Getty Images]

Valentin Cassadine (James Patrick Stuart) realizes that he has too much to lose, and rises to the challenge. He fights for his wife. General Hospital fans saw on Friday May 12, 2017, how Valentin begged Nina not to leave after she handed him the watch that “Anna” had planted a listening device in.

General Hospital spoilers reveal that Franco returns to Port Charles after breaking free from the rock wall chains in Greece. But, Jason (Billy Miller) gets to Port Charles first having stolen Franco’s boat. Jason had left Franco behind so that he could reflect about having beaten and chaining Jason.

TV Source Magazine stated, “Julian gets a break,” and he gets an unbeatable offer from his attorney who tells him that if he listens and plays his cards right, he may escape prosecution.

There is something amiss with Jake. Spoilers reveal that Jake is behaving strangely and secretively ever since he received a magic kit that he thinks is a gift from Spencer (Nicolas Bechtel) for his birthday. Jake even resists Franco when he asks if he can also have a look at this mysterious magic kit, but Jake won’t let him see it. Jake found a secret compartment inside in the kit and there is a picture of a chimera on it. General Hospital spoilers reveal that Helena (Constance Towers) is likely to be behind the gift and the danger lurking behind it.

General Hospital Spoilers for Next Week, Tuesday May 16, 2017: Valentin Traps “Anna”?

General Hospital spoilers indicate that Michael (Chad Duell) makes a startling discovery, and a chain of events draw him closer to Nelle (Chloe Lanier). General Hospital fans will remember that on Friday’s episode Michael overheard a conversation that Nelle had on the phone with Nina where she told Nina that she quit and could no longer spy on Valentin for Nina. Nelle had told Michael the truth and told him that unless Michael could give her a reason for staying, she would need to leave Port Charles. Michael wasn’t prepared to give her the reason she was hoping for since he still had not forgiven her. Michael wished Nelle luck and walked away. Just then, Nelle got robbed by someone who was trying to steal her purse. In the struggle, she fell and hit her head and became unconscious.

General Hospital viewers will be glad to know that the week of May 15-19, 2017 will be the week where Alex, Anna’s twin sister, will finally be revealed as having taken Anna’s place. Now that Valentin knows that “Anna” bugged his watch according to the Inquisitr, he tells “Anna” that Nina left him because of her. Could he be setting a trap for “Anna”?

Liz is more hopeful about Jake after Jason leaves a message with her saying that he really needs to see Jake. Jason’s homecoming means a loving reunion between him and Sam Morgan (Kelly Monaco) and their daughter Scout. Jason and Franco both tell Liz and Sam about what happened in Greece and that Jason’s memory is now back.

Jake’s mysterious magic kit is making him act strangely. He won’t let Franco touch it and he has become quite obsessed with it. Spoilers reveal that everyone assumes that Spencer (Nicolas Bechtel) has brought the gift, but it is actually from Helena. And it could pose a real danger!

General Hospital Spoilers for Next Week, Wednesday May 17, 2017: How Much Does Anna Remember?

Michelle Stafford General Hospital 2016 Annual Directors Guild Of America Awards
Michelle Stafford attends the 2016 Annual Directors Guild Of America Awards [Image by by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images]

The real Anna Devane is in hospital in London. Upon waking up, will Anna remember how she got in the hospital? When the nurse asks Anna does she know where she is, will Anna be able to put the pieces together, or will Anna’s illness buy more time for evil twin Alex to carry on leading a double life?

General Hospital spoilers reveal that Nina will tell Andre about how Anna was spying on Valentin.

Bobbie has Carly’s back while Carly struggles through an ugly divorce.

General Hospital Spoilers for Next Week, Thursday May 18, 2017: Alex Doesn’t Fool Robin

Robin (Kimberly McCullough) is in town for the General Hospital Nurses Ball and she immediately senses something is amiss with her mom “Anna.”

Soap Central stated that “Nelle feels lonely.”

Newly pregnant Hayden is determined to take down Brad Cooper (Parry Shen).

General Hospital Spoilers for Next Week, Friday May 19, 2017: Nathan To Anna’s Rescue

Today is the day that Nathan (Ryan Paevey) rides in and rescues Anna!

Lucy has a change of heart and is won over.

Finn has had enough and slings an accusation against Brad. However, it is not good news for one of these men as either Finn or Brad will lose their job at the hospital.

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