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Kylie Jenner Accused Of Boob Job: Did She Admit To Being Made Of Plastic? [Rumors]

Kylie Jenner and the rest of the Keeping Up With the Kardashians stars are no strangers to accusations of boob jobs and other forms of plastic surgeries. Jenner and the Kardashians, however, tend to stand pretty united when it comes to denying any form of plastic surgery. Are their bodies truly natural? This is what fans, followers, and even critics have long debated.

A day ago, Kylie took to Instagram to share a picture of herself during a photo shoot as a real Barbie. According to PEOPLE, the “seductive” and “spontaneous” photo shoot was for the Flaunt magazine’s Cadence issue. While PEOPLE, other media outlets, and some of her followers coined the pictures as “beautiful” and “stunning,” not everyone had nice things to say about the enchanting Instagram photos.

In fact, some of the individuals who commented on Jenner’s Instagram photo drew attention to a vertical line down the side of her breast which they believed looked like a scar from a boob job. Was this alleged scar proof that Kylie has had breast augmentation surgery? This is what those leaving negative comments on her Instagram photo wanted to know.

Hollywood Life as well as several of the followers on Instagram who left comments only added fuel to the fire by accusing Jenner of admitting to the boob job. The caption of the photo Jenner shared on Instagram included “life in plastic it’s fantastic” followed by an emoticon.

life in plastic it's fantastic ????

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The media outlet – and several commenters – questioned whether or not the caption was Jenner’s way of admitting that she was, indeed, “made of plastic.” It, however, is just as likely – and possibly a little more likely – Kylie was just making a pun out of the fact that she was dressed to resemble a real-life Barbie for the photo shoot.

Those who have followed Kylie Jenner and the Kardashian family for a while now know that she was a young, normal, and typical girl when Keeping Up With the Kardashians aired for the first time in the year 2007. With the exception of being part of an incredibly famous family with a wealth of money, of course. That young and sweet girl, however, had transformed into a makeup mogul that looks very different from the Kylie Keeping Up With the Kardashians fans first met back in 2007.

barbie world ????

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The Instagram photo of Kylie Jenner, which has attracted so much attention, features her wearing a platinum blonde wig with hair that stretches down to her waist, a small crop top, and pink Couture track pants with “Juicy” written across her butt. In the photo, Kylie can be seen posing in front of what is an intentionally fake backdrop featuring a beach scene. The beach backdrop is complete with Barbie’s hot pink surfboard with the “B” for Barbie on the top of it. For the most part, the whole picture is just what followers of the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star would expect.

Unfortunately for Jenner, Instagram wasn’t the only social media that began to light up with people questioning whether or not she had gotten a boob job. There were also a number of individuals on Twitter who made various comments about how she “obviously” had breast augmented surgery.

Some questioned when she was going to admit to the boob job and others just outright accused her of getting one. Kylie did have a few individuals light up Twitter with more positive remarks regarding her alleged boob job as well.

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Have you had a chance to take a closer look at the Barbie photo shoot picture Kylie Jenner shared on Instagram? Can you see the vertical line so many people have drawn attention to? Do you think it is, in fact, a scar because she has had a boob job in the past? Share your thoughts on the latest controversy surrounding whether or not Kyle Jenner has had a boob job in the comments section found near the bottom of the page.

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