Lottery Canada Winners Take Home $46 Million Jackpot

Lottery Canada Winners Take Home $46 Million Jackpot

Lottery Canada winners Joanne and Duane Thompson are shocked that they won the recent Lotto 6-49 Draw available only to Canadian citizens. The Lottery Canada winners pulled in nearly $46 million Canadian dollars before reductions, which is slightly more than $46 million in US dollars since the devalued US dollar is weaker than the Canadian dollar by less than one percent. Still, when you’re talking about a multi-million lottery jackpot that small percentage adds up quickly.

According to Lalate News, the $46 million might seem a little small compared to the United State’s recent $550 million jackpot. But besides Canada having a smaller population, and thus a smaller potential pool of lottery players, the states involved in the Powerball lottery have purposefully been tweaking the lottery to make large jackpots happen faster. As previously reported on The Inquisitr, when large jackpots reach the news this has the unfortunate side effect of causing the poor and those should not afford it to be playing the lottery.

Lottery Canada winner Joanne almost wasn’t able to deliver the news to her husband. She had visited Casino Lethbridge to check on the recent November 14 Lottery Canada draw. After the Casino clerk told her she won the Lottery Canada, she asked him how much. She was shocked to discover she was the winner of the third-largest Lottery Canada Lotto 6-49 in history and she had a hard time counting all the zeros.

Joanne had even a harder time telling her husband the news when she called him at work. Duane says Joanne “wasn’t really making sense.” He says all she said was, “We won the lotto”, over and over again.

Lottery Canada officials were not sure who bought the ticket at first. After news broke that the ticket was bought in Alberta on Thursday, Lottery Canada officials were surprised the winner hadn’t come forward.

“It wasn’t sold within the city limits of Edmonton or Calgary,” said Andrea Marantz of the Western Canada Lottery Corporation. “It might be somebody that lives in Calgary or Edmonton who just happened to buy a ticket while they were out in the country.”

The Lottery Canada winners say they don’t plan on buying a new house. The two “already live comfortably in their dream house,” they tell news.