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Katt Williams Slaps Target Employee, Escapes On Electric Cart [Video]

Katt Williams Slaps Target Employee, Escapes On Electric Cart [Video]

The Katt Williams slap just adds another piece to the strange saga. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Katt Williams led police officers on a merry chase through Sacramento driving a three-wheeled motorcycle. Police officers eventually called off the chase, fearing for public safety. But then apparently Katt Williams entered a Target retail store, only to slap an employee and escape on an electric cart.

The reason for the Katt Williams slap is not yet known, but since when did Katt Williams need a reason to do anything these days?

Katt Williams has tore off his clothes in public, initiated fights with audiences, pulled guns on actors, and started night club brawls.

And that’s probably just the stuff that has made the news!

According to TMZ, the Katt Williams slap was precipitated by an argument with a Target employee at the cash register.

The Target security feed video has no audio, so we can’t tell what the argument is about, but if you watch the video it appears the Target employee was not looking for a fight with Katt Williams. Unlike many security video feeds, the Katt Williams slap Target security video is in full color and is amazingly fluid. There is no time lag in-between frames so we can see the action in all its un-glory.

The Katt Williams slap comes out of nowhere. Fortunately, this did not lead to a fight. The Target employee keeps his calm, pulls out his cell phone, and calls the police.

The Katt Williams slap is not the most bizarre part of this episode. Following the slap, Katt Williams hangs around for a while before making his getaway…escaping with an electric cart!

According to sources at the Target store, Katt Williams ditched the electric cart for his three-wheeled motorcycle before police could arrive. Katt Williams was not arrested for the incident and the Yolo County DA’s office says the Katt Williams slap case is currently under review with no charges yet being filed against the comedian.

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149 Responses to “Katt Williams Slaps Target Employee, Escapes On Electric Cart [Video]”

  1. Anonymous

    I'd like to see that pussie slap me. I'll beat him all the way from the ghetto to beverly hills and back to the ghetto and back. Lil puss

  2. Robert Hankins

    He's lucky it wasn't me I would have kicked his little ass.

  3. Matias C. Guerrero

    Yeah really. This guys a little piece of shit. Cops called off chase in fear of the safety of other people? He was on a FUCKING ELECTRIC CART. Cops will chase a criminal down highways and through neighborhoods at 100 mph, but they call off catching this dumbass? I fucking hate cops.

  4. Dennis Brown

    Little Kat Williams better becareful, as little as he is, someone is going to go home, get there little 5 year old sister and have her kick his little too short to be a man ass, keep it up little want to be tough guy.

  5. Brandon Perera

    lost all respect for that loser. He's got all that money an hes going around picking on people because they don't have his celebrity status or wealth status.

  6. Kim Poer

    " Katt Williams was not arrested for the incident " Why the heck not? The Target employe needs to press charges. He is nobody special!

  7. Jeff Wright

    Did he just find out he is not funny? This MF is stupid. If I was that guy or even just standing there it would have been stright up beat down.

  8. Gerri Leydet

    you can take the negro out of the ghetto but you cant take the ghetto out of the negro.

  9. Anonymous

    Guarantee KATT voted for obama. That entire group of people should have been FORCIBLY kept away from the polls if the ONLY reason you vote for a person for president IS BECAUSE HE IS BLACK AND GIVES YOUR BLK ASSSS FREE STUFF with MY MONEY.

  10. Anonymous

    So I guess now we know how to handle this situation: Don't call the cops, just lay his tiny ass out!

  11. Mark Monroe

    He needs his little ass whooped on. That little shit is lucky the other guy stayed calm. He wouldn't have made it out of that store under his own power if I so much as thought he was going to hit me.

  12. Christi Reid

    PRESS CHARGES on this idiot! Used to love watching him, but now he's just another LOSER! Someone needs to kick his ass!

  13. John N Sara Gibble

    It was because of the crappy return policies at Target, believe me I wanted to slap a MF'er before at Target.

  14. Anonymous

    You are sooooooo stupid dhead963. Why don't you shut your silly butt up!!!

  15. Shauntreal Johnson

    Lol! I love him. He's gotta be on bath salts or something. Now its time for him to go to rehab the come back and do a show and remind us all about how stupid he has been throughout this whole ordeal, I want to know wtf could possible be going through his head when he does all this dumb shit.

  16. Michael Jardine

    Proof positive that color doesn't influence character…and apparently, the content of Katt's character is in need of an extreme makeover.

  17. Michael Bellenir

    dhead963: You are a idiot no doubt. What did your parents do to you? Racism is taught/learned. Man, some peoples kids!

  18. Brian Lindahl

    How do you "escape" on an electric cart? that's what I want to know….lol, Katt isn't really the greatest comedian anyway.

  19. Anonymous

    Another No Talent Loser trying to hold onto his 15 seconds of fame (about 13 more than he deserved). How can they not charge him? Sad thing is that if the employee that got slapped had retailated, Target would have fired him more than likely! Shame he just didn't stomp a mudhole in this P.O.S.'s ass and kick it dry!

  20. Christi Reid

    I'm certainly glad you have first hand knowledge that it's fake. I guess all the other stuff he's done is fake too? I mean since he's a MAJOR star I'm sure Target employee's and the police department went along with it too. HA HA! Please!

  21. Briana Riley-Thomas

    leave it you to say something ignorant! Let clarify… I am in no way defending Katt he's got to be on crack or something but Gerri…your an ass…Katt comes from a very good family he went to college he did not come from the "ghetto." In fact Gerri, most of us don't. Katt is just a fool who needs to either be locked up or institutionalized. Learn a little Gerri before you speak.

  22. Anonymous

    if it was just a "regular joe" GO STRAIT TO JAIL! and pay $500. why do these celebrities get special treatment? these are the same people you here about 10 years down the line NOT paying taxes, but go ahead and give them a get out of jail free card. BULL$H*T!

  23. Harold Rote

    I can't be the only one who thinks that video is set up. For one, the guy behind the counter does not look comfortable standing there and does not even look like he belongs there. Secondly, Kat escapes on an electric cart? Common, somehow its fake as hell!

  24. Judith Russell

    He's not funny or talented. Just stupid. Kudos to the employee who was mature enough to call security instead of squashing that cockroach to the ground.

  25. Lakesha McInnis

    ignorant. always gotta through some racial shit in there.. smdh

  26. Ed Lovell

    Had it been a White man slapping a Black person, then the NAACP Jessie Jackson and Rev Al would all be involved for a RACIALLY provoked slap, Would not surprise me if the employee gets fired for being slapped by Micro Mini Pimp. And you can BET that the RACE CARD will be pulled on this, AS ALL BLACKS CARRY ONE IN THEIR BACK POCKET.

  27. Anonymous

    Have Dana White allow them to fight in a Grudge Match as a prelim of the next big UFC card…or maybe have Rhonda Rousey kick Katt's little boy ass. Hell, Wendy Williams could kick Katt Williams ass.

  28. Rusa Dumbadze

    are you serious? you are just going to stand there? shit I would have whooped his ass and made headlines hahaha fucking little biatch. Probably on drugs and thinks he owns everything. Asked to take picture when I first met him in ac and he refused unless I gave him cash. since then I lost respect for that lil pos biatch.

  29. Eric Bogenschneider

    I can't believe this dude called the cops. If the dude smacks me, I'm going to beat his ass, period. Whatever happened to a good old fashioned fist fight?

  30. Corey Williams

    Ed you seem not to be aware that most blacks are profiled. Even our president has been by white trash like you. Dont give me that discrimination dont exist because you would be a fool to say it dont. Take off that whte sheet over your head and see things for what it is. How many times the polices slap young black men or even kill and get away with it. I guess you didnt see the Rodney king beating or when the polices shota black man 44 times because he was reaching for a comb, or when a black male was shot in the head while he was handcuffed in the police car this happened in Arkansas. I can go on and on but why even try to prove things to honkys. They will always have their eyes close on this matter and think we play the race card. Its not a race card its a fact card. Idiot!Go kill 17 students at Virginia tech or kill innocent people at the movie theater. You people seem more comfortable with doing things like that.

  31. BJ Clinton

    WTF is Kat Williams doing in a Target store in the first place? They don't sell Rocawear and Wranglers are for white folk, jackass.

  32. JD Allen

    Kat Williams = just another punk ass n…gger that thinks he's cool and can get away with anything. Not funny in the least and should be exiled from polite society.

  33. Stephanie Hannah

    *knock knock* um….do you live in America? If we were treated fairly, humanely and justly…..then there would be no need for you to make such a comment. Since you did, you already are letting me know that you are aware that there is a problem. Perhaps if all ppl would just start with themselves the whole world would be a better place……so take a look in the mirror Ed…..start there. JACKASS!

  34. Barbara Leavitt

    That is too bad. I like Katts humor and hate to see this……reminds me of Lohan ~before long if not already she will not be a 'star' any longer. Hate to see that happen to him but it looks like he's going down that road. If he has any 'real friends' I'd hope they are talking to him. I know he has children and they need their daddy. As long as he isn't out there in left field.

  35. Sean Wells

    Almost as bad as the punk ass murderers who keep gunning down black youths and using a cheap stand your ground defense. Those types should also be exiled from polite society. I'm sure you can agree.. being the righteous judge you are.

  36. Ed Lovell

    Corey you are a RACIST with remarks like Honky's and you people,And as calling me WHITE TRASH I have never and never will wear a white hood, IMO gangs like the KKK and Black Panthers are cowards, Members in the KKK are the biggest cowards if you believe in something then you should stand up for that and not hide behind a cloth, You seem to be a Educated Man (Ashford univ) so why prove me right be the comments you have made. And for the Incidents you have listed (Rodney King etc..) All involved "COPS" and they all a different breed all together no matter the color of their skin, once they go through training and get that badge they are also handed a Asshole card and they use it on all Races. See Corey Williams I have nothing against any person due to the color of their skin. The "N" word does not involve color of skin just the way someone represents themselves. I applaud the African American Community for standing up for their people, But as Americans we all need to stand up for each other for the true enemy to us is the Government.

  37. Anonymous

    Again another Negro hitting a white person for no reason…………

  38. Sylvia Bu

    @JD your an azz he just a punk azz you didnt have to add the N word unless you were talking about yourself

  39. Samuel B Wilson

    @jerri you can also take the they to take the white penis out of the little kids but it's not happening!

  40. Lee Rodgers

    And the winner is Gerri Leydet.. I was wondering which IDIOT was going to add race to this and we have our winner.
    DAMN fool. Must you go though life thinking this asshole. Stick to your beastiality. Kat is an asshole regardless of his race.

  41. Samuel B Wilson

    Typo: you can try and take white male penises out of little kids but it's not happening!

  42. Sylvia Bu

    I'm glad he called the cops on Katts dumbazz he should have kept his hands to hisself no one of any gender or color should have to fear being violated and deal with violence of any kind

  43. Sylvia Bu

    he not a snitch a snitch is a coward any way I'm glad he called the cops on Katts dumbazz he should have kept his hands to hisself no one of any gender or color should have to fear being violated and deal with violence of any kind

  44. Samuel B Wilson

    @Ed had it been a white guy slapping me or anyone they would have to whoop me or visa versa!

  45. Samuel B Wilson

    @Jd katts apunk ass n..gger just like you are a punk ass c..cker!

  46. Casey Hill

    pretty sure that the V Tech shooter was asian, not a white guy but i do agree with most of what you said corey williams

  47. Casey Hill

    i mean if youre gonna say the n word then say it dont hide behind three periods in between the letters. own that shit or dont use it. that being said, williams is a doucher

  48. Chynah Blaze Haines


  49. Gary Johnson

    That dumdass Kitty Kat Williams needs to hook up with that piece of crap Lohan and maybe they will beat each other to death…..I would pay to see that.

  50. Dennis Schulz

    You are treated according to how you act. If you act like a dumbass,don't be suprised at the ass-whoppin' you're about to receive.

  51. Anonymous

    if that piece of shit Nagger did that to me, I would have beaten his ass until the coroner came to get his dead body.

  52. Melissa Adams

    He escaped an electric cart, was able to outrun cops on a 3-wheeled motorcycle, and after all that that, the situation is still under review by cops, an no charges have been filed…..because this was obviously set up!
    This will be footage for his next DVD.

  53. Cam Mack

    Kudos to the Target employee for not layin his ass out! When someone is obviously that psychotic you don't know what they are capable of, he could have pulled out a gun or anything. the kid behind the counter needs a raise I'm sure he did not sign up for that sort of treatment. When I worked at Walmart years ago the worst thing that ever happened to me was a woman cursing me out because the item rang up wrong. But never have I been hit. Katt Williams is obviously mentally ill and in need of serious medical attention someone needs to get to him before they find him dead cause the next person he runs up on might not be so level headed. I have heard other comedians talk about how he is always trying to start fights and otherwise hard to work with and keeping up beefs with other performers. ITs like he has a short mans complex or something. But its clear he is mentally ill why would u just walk up to folks u don't know and strike them? He is obviously paranoid and delusional and sees threats where there are none and that makes him dangerous. And NO its not a race thing so please people stop trying to make it one. White folks break wild too on the daily…

  54. Hoss Rios

    if he slapped me he would of got his lil migit ass kicked he would of touched everything in target.he's stupid for that he deserves everything a judge throws at him ,people like him think they can do any thing they want cause they can make somebodt laugh you do'nt other camedians do that he's just another one who left the hood thinking he can do what ever he makes the rest of good black people look bad.

  55. Tank Cat

    Gerri lives in Virginia,the armpit of America. That place is as intellectually devoid as any ghetto I've been in.

  56. Rashahn Goldsmith

    Katt got slapped in Detroit and didn't do a thing……He knows where he can get away with this at.

  57. Michael David Molina

    How can the famous do things like slapping a Target employee without getting arrested but if an everyday guy was to do something like that he would going straight to jail? I don;t understand why there are separate rules for the rich and famous.

  58. Chuck Smith

    Who the hell is Kat Williams? I see just another stupid ass black cat (no pun intended, ha) who's untalented and needs to be taught a lesson. I can see why both of his parents stuck him into a corner as a baby to feed him with a plate-lift with a sling-shot…..hideous looking, wow! Just teach this moron a lesson and be done with this small pile of compost.

  59. Anonymous

    Lucky it wasn't me he slapped, or I would be kicking his lil as$ all up and down isle 3.

  60. Matt Bechtel

    What an assclown. He had one funny standup routine like 5 years ago. Now it's time to go away.

  61. Derrick D Allen

    All he is doing is staying in the headlines as a entertainer and the average dumb ass is going to watch and read whatever is put in a article and TV and believe everything they see. People do some dam research before you start making dumb ass comments. The only thing I agree with is this is another star is in need of help immediately.

  62. Anonymous

    he was trying to swat a fly that was bothering the Target Employee,

  63. Chad Robinson

    For someone who knows so much about black people and the race card they keep in their back pocket, it sure sounds like you're the one playing the race card.

  64. Howard Ganglinger

    Williams isn't a very good comedian, relying on trash rather than wit. Turns out he isn't much of a human being either. He is no longer relevant.

  65. Anonymous

    Tore off his clothe? TORE? Has torn off his clothes…. omg, no one speaks English anymore and its showing up increasingly in the media.

  66. Brandie Barrett

    Target employees dont get paid enough to put up with that shit lol

  67. Linda Love

    Boy, matt lafarr, really….the ghetto is looking better and better after seeing how ppl in your world…. Matt likes to kill up a hole school or a family and their family. also,and eat or make unauthorrize love, to their owe love ones. Or steal and embrezz money from ppl that thrust in u. Wow!!!! at least I know what to expect in my ghetto world. Do you matt?

  68. Thomarion Biffle

    Ed you seem bitter and for what? Racecard in our pockets? Really! Lets ponder the reason….wait a minute….we don't have to. Y'all put it there. Most times it us racial. Although I don't agree with what he did, whites get away with beatings all the time
    So before u go spreading your racial remarks live the life of a typical black man. Forever being profiled. Hush up with that negative nonesense. Who really give a care about your thoughts.

  69. Jeff Malina

    The slap was legal it was done in Yolo county apparently YOLO is an acceptable defense in Yolo.

  70. Anonymous

    Wow, nothing but racist white people on the internet I see. When will the white man ever stop being blind and wake up to realize that they too are human, get off they're high horse. It's real sad that they put race on everything in the news that deals with a black man. Quick to talk about a black man as always and judge us all the same. All white people know about is what goes on in their sweet little neighborhood and say fuck everybody else. This situation has absolutely nothing to do with race, as it has everything to do with drugs. Oh no, but all you see is a black man, oh I'm sorry "a monkey". Smh you can play the reverse card all you want, but it's obvious nothing has changed. People still have that same racist mindset.

  71. Christine Langner

    Kat been doing some off the wall shit, what I thought was funny is when kat slapped him, he jumped back real quick! But in the sense, its on film. If the employee wanted to, he wouldn't have to work for target very long..hello lawsuit!

  72. Randy Olvera

    Katt needs to put the crack pipe down for a little while. Maybe he can bounce back from this, but I'm not holding my breathe. Go Kevin Hart. Lmao.

  73. Hudson Hawk

    Cops hate everyone, not just black people. And just because Ed is rasist doesn't mean everyone is rasist. Additionally, white people are not the only rasist group in this country. In fact, you seem pretty bigoted yourself Corey. And while discrimination is still visible everywhere in the US, our nation has grown leaps and bounds in equalizing this great land. Remember that we are the only true nation in the world where opportunities are avalible for everyone.

  74. Brian Cote

    @Corey Williams How do you racially profile a half white guy. Just saying, unless you forgot that he is half white. If Katt would have smacked me it would not have been a case of racial profiling. It would have been a case of me defending myself from reverse racism and kicking his ass!!! How you like that!!! haha

  75. Brian Cote

    @Corey Williams Maybe you should be like Lee Malvo or John Allen Muhammad because you know they weren't masquerading as snipers or anything and killing innocent people either. Stop playing that B.S. race card. Those days are done. It's only good to have a chip on your shoulder in life if you use in a positive way.

  76. Ed Lovell

    Well just look at the prison system and the ratio of inmates, guess all the black inmates are victims of racial profiling, And believe it or not some of the arresting cops were Black is that a case of profiling or do you think of them as UNCLE TOM's for doing their jobs and arresting those breaking the law. Let's see here arresting a black man for selling drugs profiling NOPE. Stop the "They are treating me like that cause I'm Black" It's getting old.@Brain Cote, The Malvo Muhammad case is alright to them Blacks killing Whites if that isn't Racist what is.

  77. Toya Howie

    the only people who are making a comment about his race are white people. Stupid is stupid it is NOT a race issue. Katt Williams is clearly bipolar and not on drugs…he needs a lot of help.

  78. Anonymous

    Corey Williams why use the racial slurs. Every race has its problems. Yes blacks get profiled all the time thats true,but look at the crime statistics they should make you want to think. Everybody has the right to their own opinion. Iam not a racist person by no means, but Ed does prove a point to some extent. Jesse Jackson and Sharpton wll be all over the place if a white man slapped a black man. That is so true. All i can say is do yur research and stop trying to use racial slurs against people who dont deserve it.

  79. Helen Isagogetter Farris

    i woulda stomped his mickey fickey brains out!!!!

  80. Anonymous

    All you people talkiong trash at each other over race! The man slapped another person for no reason. He was not in fear for his life, no one touched him, and no one was holding him against his will so what the hell makes him think he can just put his hands on another person like that. I use to like him and him comedy but that gives him no right to act like an ignorant asshole I don't give a damn who you are you hit me and I'm ggone hit you back and if your a guy and I don't think I can take you beat I don't find something that will. The cops have not charged him? Are you freaking kidding me? Why? Yet all the people on this board can do is through racial comments at each other rather than being pissed ( no matter what color you are) that he just gets away with this while the rest of us would have been arrested in a heart beat! And yes I'm a white girl.

  81. Lee Gapusan

    I don't know this guy or have heard of him. But from reading other comments it seems that all he does is do.
    stupid things for no reason. Is he retarted or just plain brat?

  82. JD Allen

    If you're referring to that SINGLE incident down in Florida … I disagree … now that ALL the facts about that little punk have been revealed. Might I remind you Sean Wells, the major majority of individuals gunning down your young people are … your own people. So get of your high horse and start acknowledging the truth and stop blaming every other race.

  83. JD Allen

    Sylvia Bu: i cees ewe ain't verry edukated … azz is spelled "a-s-s" and it hads the same numbur of leters, so ewe ain't godda typing so long.

    Seriously, if you want people to take you serious in this society, stop acting like every other gang banging, uneducated, rap loving, basketball wannabe n…ggers and communicate like an adult.

  84. JD Allen

    Samuel B Wilson – you can spell "CRACKER", it's ok … we whities don't get all offended and riot when we're called a name … we actually laugh at you when you use that term … it's f–king childish! :)

  85. Anonymous

    Corey, what we as Americans, not (insert country of origin) Americans need to do is working on realizing Dr. Kings dream. What we do instead is complain about why other races have it better than our own: Asians own all the markets, get better chances. Whites are born into every advantage. Latinos are taking all the Jobs, and Blacks are taking advantage of the system…. Its all BS, we are failing our country as a people by perpetuating these remarks. In FACT people like Ed,Corey and Stephanie, raise the RACE CARD. This isn't about race it is about behavior and what is acceptable and what isn't and Mr. Williams needs to be held accountable.

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