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Hayden Panettiere In Car Crash After Running Red Light

Heroes Actress

Hayden Panettiere recently added her name to the list of bad actress drivers. The Heroes actress allegedly ran a red light in Tennessee and caused a car crash.

According to UPI, the crash occurred on November 14.

Panettiere was in Nashville filming her ABC show Nashville when she drove through a red light in her BMW and crashed into a GEO Prism.

According to the police report, the GEO Prism was also at fault for the crash. The driver of the Prism was cited for turning into the actress’ lane. TMZ reports that Panettiere was driving in the right lane through an intersection when the other driver made a left turn into her lane instead of the left lane.

No one was injured in the crash but Ace Showbiz reports that both vehicles had to be towed away from the scene.

Panettiere hasn’t commented directly on the accident but the actress did recently write on Twitter: “Thank you to the Nashville police department. Was in a scary accident and they were great!”

Panettiere rose to fame on the show Heroes and she recently returned to TV for the new show Nashville. Panettiere plays teen singing sensation Juliette Barnes who teams up with 40-year-old superstar Rayna James.

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22 Responses to “Hayden Panettiere In Car Crash After Running Red Light”

  1. David Sturz

    Haha, the first headline said "…blowing a red light". I wonder why they changed it. Do ya think it's cause she's talked about blowing…ummm… things since she was like 12?

  2. Mark Gillespie

    she was wanting a friendship with Ms Lohan, and what better way then become a cellmate, u know cracks next, so much for being rich and stupid, traffics bad enough in california.

  3. Matthew T. Hamby

    If you are turning left into a 2 lane road, you are 'suppose' to turn into the left of the 2 lanes. The person in the Prism apparently turned into the right of the 2 lanes. My question is, if the accident happened in the intersection, how can they know that she was turning into the right lane and not the left?

  4. Anonymous

    Matthew T. Hamby: Positions of the cars when they came to rest. Where the damage is on the vehicles. Angles of impact. Eyewitnesses. And last but not least–there actually ARE people who will be honest about their fault in an accident. So any or all of these may play into it.

    Honestly. Accident "reconstruction" for minor things is not rocket science.

    Now if y'all could remember to turn into the proper lane (and by the way, that center lane? That's for EXITING the roadway, not ENTERING it) I'd take it as a kindness. And if you can't, please stay home.

  5. Joe ThePimpernel

    Sounds like a legitimate accident to me. Middle of the day, no drugs or alcohol involved, the other drive pulled a douchebag move.

    But let's create a sensational headline anyway because it's what we do.

  6. Jeremy van Wagenen

    I wouldn't make a big fuss out of it.. This seems to be the first one reported for her.. As opposed to the every other week incident other celebs seems to have.. It can happen to the best of us.. Not everyone is a perfect driver.. And not everyone was meant to drive.. Hence why New York is also made for Actors as oppose to LA..

  7. Natasha Stockard Mayton

    That accident doesn't sound terribly outrageous. Things happen and I am glad everyone is ok.

  8. Natasha Stockard Mayton

    That accident doesn't sound terribly outrageous. Things happen and I am glad everyone is ok.

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