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100 Rifles Stolen: Potential Terrorists Rob Atlanta CSX Train Car

100 Rifles Stolen: Potential Terrorists Rob Atlanta CSX Train Car

Atlanta, GA – 100 rifles stolen from a CSX train car in an Atlanta train yard, with potential terrorism links to terrorists in the area. According to the Associated Press, the 100 rifles stolen are under investigation by Federal authorities. The weapons cache heist included “AK-style” assault rifles.

Resembling The Great Train Robbery novel written by Michael Crichton, the Atlanta train heist is a mystery bringing back memories of the wild west. Although, perhaps this is largely due to federal authorities being quiet about details.

The 100 rifles stolen might have a connection to terrorists. According to AllVoices, news of the Atlanta train robbery came the same day that Mark Giuliano, FBI special agent for terrorism in the Atlanta Division, said, “There are a number of people in Georgia” the FBI is monitoring for terrorism potential.

“We have a very robust joint terrorism task force in the city,” Guiliano said, “and we work very closely with the state and local federal agencies to make sure we’re on top of those threats.”

Back on August 22, two Georgia militia men, Fred Thomas and Dan Roberts, were caught illegally procuring an unregistered explosive device. They were caught on audio recording saying, “I could shoot at the ATF and IRS all day long, at the judges and the DOJ and attorneys and prosecutors.”

The 100 rifles stolen link to potential terrorism has not been confirmed by federal authorities. Very few details have been officially released and it is not certain whether the two investigations are connected.

“The weapons were taken from a CSX rail yard on the city’s northwest side in mid-November,” said Richard Coes, a spokesman for the U.S. Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF).

The ATF believes the 100 rifles stolen were taken on or around November 12. The boxcar was positioned at the CSX Tilford Yard at the time of the assault rifle heist. The Tilford Yard is located about four miles northwest of downtown Atlanta and is one of the CSX company’s major rail yards in Georgia.

The Jacksonville, Florida-based company says it is cooperating with federal law enforcement agents to recover the 100 rifles stolen and investigate the theft in what the company called “a rigorous investigation led by them.” The CSX rail network includes about 21,000 miles of track in 23 states.

“When any crime occurs, but especially any crime involving safety,” Gary Sease, a spokesman for rail line CSX Corporation, “we prosecute those responsible to the fullest extent of the law and work in close cooperation with partners in law enforcement agencies.”

CSX representatives did not immediately return phone calls early Friday morning about the 100 rifles stolen.

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14 Responses to “100 Rifles Stolen: Potential Terrorists Rob Atlanta CSX Train Car”

  1. Olde Rose

    Not to worry, Gun Control proponents. Should any of these thieves become "unrestful" over a movie trailer, and begin spontaneously demonstrating in peaceful protest, you need but call upon your local P.D. to quickly restore order.

  2. Jami Boulanger

    I agree with Tommy, inside job. Link to terrorists, is most likely the news stretching the truth for a story.

  3. Mark Rodgers

    What the hell is it with the "Maybe" terrorists ties! Oh, that's right, we should call it that first, get people stirred up and then disprove it later! Let the rumor mill of the small minded start turning full bore!

  4. Jarvis Johnson

    The FBI–CIA has got them hidden away so they can put them up for the highiest bitter later on to Holder and alwa wala boom bang so they can use the weapons on the Americans, isn't that the plan.

  5. Allen Gottsch

    This is how Hitler started his march. They'll go on a rampage with "known" subversives and that will trickle down to everyday folk in no time. Just another form of gun control. It's coming people!

  6. Anonymous

    Wrong Thomas! The South is full of anti-terrorists with the guns to protect themselves and people like you!….Even tho you may not deserve it!

  7. Anonymous

    sounds like an inside job to me…..Now don't get me wrong I'm not Perry Mason but…………

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