CBS Radio building hit by gunfire

Shots Fired At CBS Radio Building

Dallas, TX — The 12-story CBS Radio building was hit by gunfire Friday afternoon.

Bullets went through the outside panes of glass on two floors of the building, which is off the Central Expressway at Fitzhugh Avenue.

One of the windows hit belonged to NewsRadio 1080 KRLD promotions director Matt Stacks. The sound of gunshots around 3:15 pm took him by surprise.

Stacks initially thought a bird hit his 5th floor window. “I just heard a loud boom. I turned around and looked at my window and noticed it started splintering out and saw some stuff falling from the window above.”

Two other bullets hit the window directly above the KRLD newsroom, which belonged to former police officer and current attorney Pete Schulte.

“It sounded like a rifle,” Schulte said. “It was clearly a loud bang, and as soon as I heard the loud bang the glass shattered in my office.”

No one was hurt in the shooting, but Schulte was concerned that it took place on a Friday off a busy highway.

“If it happens in the middle of the night that’s one thing, but I sit in this office every day,” Schulte said. “To have a gunshot in the middle of the afternoon with so many cars passing by, that’s unnerving.”

Schulte believes the shots came from the direction of the expressway, and were fired either from the freeway or the frontage road the building faces. He says, as a former officer, he was frustrated by how long it took police to respond after 911 was called.

“I should think police should at least canvas the area to see if they can find anyone with a long gun,” he said.

It’s not clear if Schulte or any of the CBS Radio stations were the intended targets of the shooting.

Dallas Police spent the afternoon investigating in and around the newsroom.