Tina Fey's Daughter Plays A Young Liz Lemon On '30 Rock'

Tina Fey’s Daughter Plays A Young Liz Lemon On ’30 Rock’

Tina Fey’s daughter seems to be following her mom’s footsteps into show biz, and her first role was mom’s signature part — Liz Lemon.

On Thursday’s episode of 30 Rock, Fey’s character Liz Lemon finally got married to her boyfriend Criss Chros (James Marsden), and in doing so had a flashback to her first wedding experience as a flower girl. To show the young Liz Lemon, producers called on Tina Fey’s daughter, 7-year-old Alice Zenobia.

As People noted, Tina Fey’s daughter made quite a memorable first appearance: “She has worked alongside her fair share of good-looking actors (Jon Hamm, anyone?), but Tina Fey‘s latest costar may just be the cutest one yet.”

Alice Zenobia was a spot-on imitation of Liz Lemon, decked out in a blue dress and matching headpiece with the trademark sass that Tina Fey so deftly brings to the role.

The debut of Tina Fey‘s daughter comes as 30 Rock itself is preparing for its big exit. After seven seasons, the show is ready to air its final episode on January 31, the Daily Mail notes. The show has become the major career achievement of Tina Fey post-Saturday Night Live, cementing her as one of the most influential forces in comedy today.

Fey will make one more major appearance before the end of 30 Rock, as she joins Amy Poehler to host the Golden Globes on January 13. While it may be the end of the road for Fey — at least as far as 30 Rock is concerned — this week’s episode shows that there could be a bright future for Tina Fey’s daughter.