‘Far Cry 3’ PC Experiencing Problems Due To Uplay Server Strain

‘Far Cry 3’ PC Experiencing Problems Due To Uplay Server Strain

Yesterday marked the launch of Far Cry 3 in Europe, but the launch proved to be a bit problematic for those playing legitimate copies of the PC version.

As with all recently-released Ubisoft titles on the PC, Far Cry 3 requires the oft-maligned Uplay client to start the game. While this usually is not so much a problem as it is an inconvenience, the Uplay servers are buckling under the pressure of a spike in users, causing the servers to be down which, in turn, is causing significant problems with the game itself.

Due to the strain on Uplay’s servers users have been reporting problems connecting to the game’s competitive and co-op multiplayer modes, but the problems don’t stop there. Uplay connectivity issues are also causing problems during Far Cry 3‘s singleplayer campaign.

There is, fortunately, a work-around. As Rock, Paper, Shotgun pointed out in their scathing commentary on the matter, booting up the game without a connection can cause you to get stuck, and can cause most–if not all–menus to come up blank.

To work around this, gamers have figured out that you have to set the game to launch in safe mode, or offline mode, through the Uplay client before you start the game. If you go online after starting, then you’ll be faced with a slew of problems.

Ubisoft has acknowledged the ongoing issues with the PC version of Far Cry 3, saying that the company is “very sorry” for the inconvenience and that a solution is being looked into. Currently, there’s no timetable for a fix.