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Pill Identifier App Helps Cops In The Field ID Drugs

A “pill identifier” app that costs just $0.99 in the App Store is helping cops in certain jurisdictions determine the nature and legality of certain pills, easing up a long-time issue for law enforcement officers in the field when determining how best to handle unidentified tablets.

A pill identifier is a handy tool for police who are challenged each day with making decisions after they are confronted with an ever-growing range of pharmaceuticals floating around the market and in the pockets of arrestees — many of which they had yet to encounter in the wild.

And at a buck a pop, the pill identifier app is cost effective for departments to use to equip personnel — at least those who own or use smartphones.

While law enforcement used to come across pills that took time to identify in the course of their work, the pill identifier app cross-checks a database spanning a vast number of tablets — allowing cops to quickly determine what the nature of a find may be.

Berea, Kentucky Sgt. Jake Reed explains that the pill identifier app has shaved crucial time off police work with its quick functionality in locating a drug’s characteristics:

“It’s really helpful when we’re out on a traffic stop or [you’re] out somewhere on a call and you need to identify a pill … (We) used to have to call poison control or you’d have to come to where you’d have a computer to be able to look it up, but now it’s kind of instantaneous. It makes the work ten times easier.”

Apple Throws Tantrum After Court Tells iPhone Maker To Spill SecretsReed adds:

“I don’t think I’ve come across one that I haven’t been able to find, yet.”

While the pill identifier will set you back 100 pennies, there are also free versions of the program to download if you don’t want to invest a whole dollar.