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Abby Lee Miller’s Fraud Sentencing: Former Rivals Christi Lukasiak And Kelly Hyland Allegedly Show Up To Court

Dance Moms fans will remember that Abby Lee Miller famously had lots of trouble with many of the mothers of the girls on her team, and she often had blow-out fights with Christi Lukasiak and Kelly Hyland. According to reports surfacing from Twitter, the pair, who were very good friends on Dance Moms(and have remained so since), actually showed up to see Abby Lee Miller get her due in court. Abby Lee Miller faces up to 30 months in prison for hiding $775,000 in assets from the federal government.

The news is coming from the Twitter account DanceMomReacts, which broadcasts information and rumors about the popular television show.

According to reports, Kelly Hyland was so enraged with Abby Lee Miller that she actually took her to court for a civil lawsuit. Paige Hyland, her youngest daughter, was listed as the plaintiff, and court documents stated that Abby would often “pinch the girls until they bled.”

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The court documents also explained further allegations of abuse from the Dance Moms star.

“Miller even tossed a chair during a confrontation with Paige while [her mother] Kelly Hyland was not present, causing Paige to run from the room terrified as she feared she would be physically injured by Miller.”

Mike Shapiro, Paige’s lawyer, spoke out about the case with Abby Lee Miller.

“I’m not looking to make a lot of money off this. I think what Miller has done to the kids is intolerable and has got to stop. It’s the most repugnant case I’ve been involved in after 49 years of practice.”

The Hylands also sued Abby Lee Miller previous for “gnashing her teeth loudly attempting to bite [Kelly Hyland],” and Kelly Hyland attempted to sue Collins Avenue, the Dance Moms production company, for defamation of character. However, both cases were thrown out.

Chloe Lukasiak, the daughter of Christi Lukasiak, appeared on the show for the initial first four seasons. Although she has returned to the show since Abby Lee Miller’s departure, she says that she left because of her contentious relationship with Abby.

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During the time she was on the show, Chloe never seemed to be able to do anything right in Abby’s eyes. She frequently pitched her against another student, Maddie Ziegler, forcing a rivalry between the two girls who had once been good friends. Now, it is apparent that although the two live in Los Angeles, they no longer speak to one another very often, though other girls on the show maintain a close relationship with the Ziegler girls.

Chloe’s mother, Christi, pulled her from the show “very abruptly,” as Chloe described it. Abby Lee Miller is recorded mocking Chloe’s eye, in which one appears to be smaller than the other. Christ was incredibly offended by her comments, and that was the last straw for the pair; Christi pulled her daughter from the show to pursue other opportunities.

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Chloe later revealed that the eye issue Abby Lee Miller had once mocked turned out to be something far more serious and that, eventually, she had surgery. She even went on The Doctors to explain further what had happened with her eye.

The young dancer opened up to Teen Vogue about leaving Dance Moms and how the decision was right for her.

“It didn’t feel like it was a good environment for me to be in anymore. I don’t think that would’ve been good for my mom or me, for our mental state. Everything happens for a reason so I was glad I left.”

If Christi and Kelly truly did show up to Abby Lee Miller’s sentencing, it is clearly to enjoy a bit of perceived karma to hit the former dance teacher who constantly insulted and belittled their daughters.

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