Cesaro and Sheamus Just turned Heel at WWE Payback

WWE News: Real Reason Why Cesaro And Sheamus Turned Heel Revealed, Expected To Have Huge Breakup Soon

At WWE Payback, Cesaro and Sheamus turned heel to the surprise of the WWE Universe, but the turn may have been the powers that be setting up for something else big down the line. In theory, the heel turn never should have happened because WWE officials clearly had big plans for The Revival after WrestleMania 33, but Dash Wilder’s injury forced the powers that be to call and audible, and Cesaro and Sheamus turned heel.

Over the past few weeks, The Hardy Boyz have re-emerged and won the Raw Tag Team Championship. The New Day are moving to SmackDown, and The Revival will be on the shelf for a few months. Raw’s tag team division was in desperate need of a strong heel tag team, which is why Cesaro and Sheamus turned. It was just a surprise because they’ve been fan favorites for awhile and there were rumors about them splitting up.

Eventually, WWE officials will disband the tag team. Cesaro and Sheamus will each take their run and use it to catapult them onto bigger and better things as singles stars. For now, it seems they’ll be sticking together in Raw’s tag team division for a while longer. However, their recent heel turn may be used to catapult them into something bigger and better sooner rather than later.

Cesaro is Expected to Have a Huge Babyface Turn Soon
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It’s being reported that WWE officials are planning to disband Cesaro and Sheamus soon. The heel turn that happened at WWE Payback was a result of The Revival’s collective injury, but the long-term plan is still for Cesaro and Sheamus to break up in a huge way at some point over the summer. It will mostly likely happen shortly after The Revival make their return to WWE and more teams are called up from NXT after WWE Summerslam.

The surprising thing about the recent heel turn was Cesaro making that switch. The fans have lightened up to Sheamus over the past few months of their run, but The King of Swing has been a strong babyface on the cusp of the main event for quite some time now. Vince McMahon is the main factor in Cesaro being stuck in the midcard or the tag team division, but the heel turn may risk the rapport he’s developed with WWE fans.

The obvious direction for a Cesaro and Sheamus breakup angle would be for The Swiss Superman to come out of the situation as the babyface. He could pick up right where he left off before the heel turn, but a lot of people would argue that is too safe. That also doesn’t leave Sheamus with much momentum after the split.

Sheamus Will Remain the Heel in the Upcoming Feud With Cesaro
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On paper, the unexpected booking would be for Cesaro to remain heel and for Sheamus to come out of the breakup as the babyface. It would be a testament to their run together as a tag team that both men switched roles by the end of their tag team. Cesaro came in the babyface and ended a heel, and the opposite would be true for Sheamus. The fans would appreciate that transition down the line, but that choice will come in time.

For now, Cesaro and Sheamus are going to be top heels in Raw’s tag team division. The rivalry with Jeff and Matt Hardy is becoming personal and will likely least into the summer months. There is a good chance that Cesaro and Sheamus may be the ones to take the titles off The Hardy Boyz eventually. Hopefully, the recent heel turn for them will continue to showcase how well they have gelled together as a tag team until it’s time for their inevitable split.

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