Jen Selter: The 'Butt Queen' Of Instagram Reveals Her Workout

Jen Selter: ‘Butt Queen’ Of Instagram Reveals Her Workout, Dispels Butt Implant And Brazilian Butt Lift Rumors

If you’re one of Jen Selter’s 11.2 million followers on Instagram, it’s likely that you know that Selter is known as the “Butt Queen” of Instagram. Now that “Butt Queen” is revealing more to Women’s Health UK in their June 2017 issue about her butt workout. Whereas Jen used to work as a gym receptionist, Selter is now a very popular Instagram star who has evolved from a woman who used to be so thin that it was difficult for her to gain weight.

It made Jen the target of bullies when she was younger, but now Selter is getting the last laugh against her haters.

Jen began working out at the gym in 2012 where she was a receptionist, and soon Selter was on the path to change her life. Jen began gaining muscles, especially butt muscles, and her glutes grew so large that other women began telling Jen that they wanted butts like hers.

According to the Daily Mail, Selter said that results came over time, and that Jen works out for at least an hour as she separates her strength training into working different parts of her body.

“They happen with dedication and hard work. I separate my training into leg day, upper body, core and cardio. I always work out for an hour.”

Jen also addressed trying to disprove any rumors that she has butt implants by getting an x-ray. Even though getting an x-ray would not also disprove any fat transfer treatment rumors like talk of Brazilian Butt Lifts, Selter decided she didn’t need to prove anything to anyone, because she knows the truth about her real glutes.

“‘I thought of having an X-ray to prove my butt is real. But why should I have to do that to disprove something that is so obviously false?”

People noticed Jen’s glutes as they grew, and folks at the gym gave the now 23-year-old compliments on her behind.

Years ago, however, Selter couldn’t find a lot of fitness photos and videos on Instagram, so she started the Instagram account @MotivationForFitness, which provided fitness photos and motivational quotes. Initially, Jen didn’t publish her face with the photos she put online but eventually her @jenselter account swelled to gain thousands of new followers each day.

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Jen eventually found success when Selter started getting endorsement offers from places like Beats By Dre, Samsung, and workout gear. Selter was able to leave her receptionist job and begin to earn money through her social media accounts.

One of her seven Instagram accounts, which is the @squatspo account seen below, shows videos of squats, or their results.

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The social media attention has brought Jen plenty of attention, and not all of it is positive attention. However, Selter said that she learned to grow stronger and deal with the online bullies by not giving in to their negativity. Jen reportedly can make approximately $77,000 for each Instagram post endorsement. However, that doesn’t mean that Selter is jumping on Instagram to promote every Flat Tummy Tea brand that comes her way. Instead, Jen said she was selective about the brands that she chooses to promote on Instagram, and only chooses those that she believes in.

“I’m always very picky with sponsorships and I think that has definitely helped my growth. I would never work with or advertise a brand I didn’t believe in.”

Selter has said no to getting nude and posing for Playboy, and has turned down plenty of other offers in the diet industry because she doesn’t believe in throwing the “Jen Selter” name on anything. The “Butt Queen” rolls on.

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