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Bobby Jindal’s School Voucher Program Ruled Unconstitutional

Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal’s school voucher plan was ruled unconstitutional by State Judge Tim Kelley on Friday. The court ruled that the educational program improperly diverts funds allocated via the state’s public schools to private schools, according to The Washington Post.

Judge Kelley also ruled that Jindal’s school voucher program unconstitutionally diverted local tax dollars to private schools. The lawsuit against the Louisiana governor’s alternative educational plan was backed by teachers unions and school boards aiming to put an end to the initiative. The group reportedly opposed any plan that the feel would funnel more taxpayer dollars away from the traditional public school system.

Bobby Jindal worked on getting the school voucher program passed in April. The challenge from two different teachers’ groups and various school boards filed a legal challenge not long after the educational options plan was signed into law.

In addition to being angry about students opting out of the public school system, opponents were also reportedly angry that pupils were allowed to attend learning institutions that teach a Young Earth Creationism curriculum.

The Louisiana State Education Department and the Board of Elementary and Secondary Education stated that Jindal’s voucher program was both created and funded in line the Constitution. It is not currently known how the judge’s ruling will impact the nearly 5,000 student attending classes at 117 private schools courtesy of the voucher plan.

Jindal, a Republican, easily won re-election last year. In addition to the school voucher program, the Louisiana governor also ushered in stricter teacher tenure policies and other related education reform measures, according to Fox News 8.