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Lindsay Lohan: Alleged Pal Claims Star Is Full Of Anger And Spiraling Downward

Lindsay Lohan is filled with anger and on a downward spiral filled with alcohol and drugs, according to a source claiming to be close to the former Disney star. During an interview with Radar Online the alleged insider claimed that Lohan’s supposed substance abuse problems stem from deep issues.

The source had this to say about Lindsay after her arrest on Thursday morning:

“Lindsay is full of anger. She’s grown up in a false reality full of entitlement, ‘yes people,’ money, and a family that enables her troubled behavior. The partying, the drinking, and the drugs, it’s her way of trying to cope with her mounting legal and career woes. It’s like she’s purposely self-destructing.”

The former A-list star was arrested at the Avenue night club in Manhattan after allegedly calling Tiffany Ava Mitchell a “f*****g gypsy” and the punching the woman. Mitchell is reportedly a psychic and a Florida native. The woman allegedly offered to give Lindsay Lohan a reading of some type before the alleged physical altercation occurred.

While supporters of the movie star claim she was not drunk on vodka or high on cocaine as some are claiming, the arrest could result in a probation violation and land Lohan back behind bars. The New York Post ran a report which noted that the actress may have been drunk for days following the less than positive reviews uttered after the premiere of the Liz & DickLifetime movie.

The Radar Online source also had this so say about Lohan’s state of mind:

“Lindsay’s family life and failing career is no excuse for her behavior, but she’s more than happy to use it as a crutch to act out. So far she’s been above the law in a sense, and without dire consequences she’ll continue to behave irrationally. When she drinks, which is daily at this point, she acts completely out of control and doesn’t care one bit who she’s hurting in the process.”

Has Lindsay Lohan spiraled so far out of control that she should be placed under conservatorship like Britney Spears? Is there a responsible adult in Lindsay’s life to hold the reigns if such a court order is issued?