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Casper College Murders Update: Suspect Committed Suicide

Casper, WY – Casper College and local officials announced that a sharp-edged weapon used to kill two victims and then ultimately the suspect. The suspected murderer was not a student at the Wyoming community College, according to statements made by Casper Police Chief Chris Walsh. The names of the victims and the suspect have not yet been released.

The suspect reportedly killed the victims in two separate attacks before taking his own life in the classroom where one of the victims was found. Local law enforcement officials currently believe that there was some type of relationship between the two victims and the man who committed suicide, according to the Casper Star Tribune. The deadly attacks do not appear to have been “school-motivated” at this time.

When asked if earlier reports that a bow and arrow was the murder weapon, local officials noted that the victims were killed with an “edged weapon” but did not elaborate further. Law enforcement officers did not that firearms were not used in the Casper College attacks.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, police officers responded to the 3700-3800 block of Hawthorne Avenue when emergency reports noted that a dead body had been found on the street. Both the county coroner and a hazardous materials team arrived on the scene around 1 pm. A witness told the local newspaper that the dead body was barefoot and wearing pajamas.

The Wold Physical Science Center was released from lock down mode by the early afternoon hours, but the center and an adjoining area are still blocked off. Casper College student Delina Barbosa was on the same floor where the murder took place and noted that a school secretary pounded on the classroom door and told the students to evacuate immediately. Barbosa also stated that she had not heard any commotion until the school staffer arrived.

A pair of students who also evacuated from the science center claim they saw a female student crying outside. The girl allegedly told the other students that she had witnessed the shooting of the professor with a bow and arrow and then saw the man stabbed repeatedly.