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Wendy Williams Gets Naked For PETA

Wendy Williams would rather go naked than wear fur. The talk-show host recently posed nude for a new PETA ad that will be on display in Times Square.

Williams, 48, has admitted in the past that she used to wear fur. The talk-show host had a change of heart, however, when she learned about some of the cruel practices that go into making fur coats.

Williams said:

“We should all try to be comfortable in our own skin and let the animals keep theirs … I don’t really think that fur is the mark of success anymore. As a decent person, with compassion, it just seems like the right thing to support.”

Wendy Williams’ new anti-fur ad is currently up on display in Times Square and PETA is hoping that it dissuades Christmas shoppers from buying animal products. In addition to the ad, Williams is also encouraging people to donate old fur coats to PETA. The animal rights organization distributes old fur coats to the homeless during the winter.

Here’s a video from Wendy Williams’ new PETA ad.

Williams, of course, is not the only person to get naked for a PETA campaign. Pamela Anderson, Eva Mendes, Olivia Munn, Khloe Kardashian and several other celebrities have decided that they’d rather go naked than wear fur.