Asuka Could Become the First Paul Heyman Girl

WWE News: Possible Creative Plans To Break Asuka’s Undefeated Streak Revealed

For over a year and a half, the Empress of Tomorrow has remained undefeated in NXT and has become the longest reigning NXT Champion in the brand’s history. She’s held the NXT Women’s Championship for over a year, but the powers that be may have finally figured out who will be the one to finally give Asuka her first loss and take the title away from her. Rumor has it that those creative plans could happen over the summer.

In a few weeks, Asuka will defend the Women’s Title at NXT Takeover: Chicago against Nicole Cross, Ruby Riot, and Ember Moon. WWE officials could pull a major swerve and have her drop the NXT Women’s Title during the match, but the powers that be are likely saving that moment for NXT Takeover: Brooklyn III in a few more months. WWE officials will at least want to wait until Asuka breaks Goldberg’s undefeated record.

Asuka’s move to the main roster is only a matter of time, but she will likely drop the championship and put over someone new in NXT before leaving. There is some speculation that Asuka may vacate the title without being defeated and continue her undefeated streak on Raw or SmackDown. However, it seems that WWE officials could have a specific plan for Asuka’s undefeated streak to come to an end later this summer.

Most People Think Ember Moon Will Dethrone Asuka
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Ever since Ember Moon debuted in NXT, the WWE Universe has been speculating with certainty that she’d be the one to defeat Asuka and take the NXT Women’s Title from her. At NXT Takeover: Orlando, fans were shocked to see her fail to capture the title. Instead, her match was used to push forward a long overdue heel turn for Asuka. However, NXT fans still believe that Ember Moon will be the one to defeat Asuka soon.

The biggest reason is Moon has good momentum as the foil to Asuka, and she seems to be the only wrestler in the NXT Women’s division that could believably beat her. Nikki Cross, Ruby Riot, and others just do not have the momentum for that win, but WWE officials may not be planning for anyone in NXT to beat Asuka.

Recently, WWE officials announced that there would be a massive women’s tournament over the summer. The tournament will feature 32 of the top female competitors from around the world. The series will air on the WWE Network just as the “Cruiserweight Classic” did last year. Like they did last year, WWE officials are expected to sign several new female talents, which will tie directly into their plans for Asuka’s first loss.

WWE Will Have a Womens Tournament This Summer
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It has been rumored that WWE officials are planning for the eventual winner of the women’s tournament to receive an NXT Women’s Title shot with Asuka at NXT Takeover: Brooklyn this year. Last year, TJ Perkins was crowned the Cruiserweight Champion after winning the Cruiserweight Classic. Tyler Bate became the United Kingdom Champion after winning the U.K. tournament. This could be the plan for the female winner.

WWE officials would need to be sure because that is a tremendous push to give a debuting WWE Superstar, especially a female taking over the NXT Women’s division overnight. Asuka has dominated NXT for almost two years. A new female coming into WWE, winning the tournament, and defeating Asuka is a massive push for anyone to receive. Unfortunately, the 32 participants for the tournament haven’t been revealed as of this writing, but WWE fans should be aware of the tournament because it could change everything.

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