Lindsay Lohan's Legal Team Believes She 'Will Be Exonerated'

Lindsay Lohan’s Legal Team Believes She ‘Will Be Exonerated’

Lindsay Lohan‘s attorneys believe that the 26-year-old actress “will be totally exonerated” after she was charged with misdemeanor assault on Thursday.

Attorney Mark Heller also told ABC News that Lohan is “a victim of someone trying to capture their 15 minutes of fame.”

Lohan hasn’t shown up in public since leaving New York City’s 10th precinct Thursday morning. She also hasn’t commented on the four misdemeanors that she racked up on Thursday either.

The husband of the woman Lohan allegedly punched, Tiffany Ava Mitchell, spoke to ABC News about his “aggravated” fight and the drunken bar brawl that he hasn’t been able to make sense of.

Mitchell’s husband, Wayne Stevens, told ABC News this through the intercom of their New York apartment on Thursday:

“We don’t even want to leave the house at this moment. She’s all swollen. Her cheek is swollen. … She’s pretty aggravated.”

Stevens continued on to say that there was no logic behind Lohan’s attack. He said:

“It kind of just escalated because someone else had a brawl.”

During the fight, he said that Lohan “went and pushed my wife pretty hard.”

He continued to say:

“I don’t even know why she pushed her. And we didn’t realize who it even was. Five minutes later, she comes around and tells my wife, ‘If I need space,’ and then she just punched her. She got drunk and crazy. That’s the best I can say.”

Stevens said Mitchell does not plan to see a doctor. They were both at New York’s 10th Thursday morning, where she did not require medical attention.