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Travis Scott: Friends Urge Rapper To Dump Kylie Jenner, Fear She Will Cause Career Suicide

Travis Scott may be head over heels in love with Kylie Jenner, but if his friends have their way, the relationship won’t last very long, it’s been alleged.

Travis Scott, who has been dating the 19-year-old for roughly four weeks, has made it known that he’s happy dating Jenner, but according to Hollywood Life, his friends are concerned that the socialite will eventually cause his career to tank.

Scott has experienced some of his biggest success as of late, so for him to suddenly surround himself with Kylie Jenner could potentially hurt his brand more than help it, with one of his pals stressing how most of the men who’ve dated Kardashians and Jenners in the past have experienced career suicide.

From Lamar Odom to Ray J, and even Tyga, nobody that’s close to Travis Scott want him to lose everything that he’s worked so hard for over a romance with Kylie that’s most likely not going to last, a source adds.

“Many of Travis Scott’s friends in rap are warning him that a relationship with Kylie, or any of the Kardashians for that matter, is career suicide and a big L when it comes to street cred,” one source tells the news outlet. “Those girls are trouble and they’re only out for fame. Travis is on the come up and needs to solely be focused on his career and music, not Kylie.”

Adding to what the source has already revealed, fans were stunned to learn that it only took Kylie two weeks to move on from her two-year relationship with Tyga, who she allegedly once told family and friends she had wanted to marry and settle down with.

Social media users were baffled to understand how Jenner could date Travis Scott so soon since she often claimed that her romance with Tyga was going to last a lifetime. But even if that wasn’t the case, for Travis Scott to enter the picture just two weeks after the split seemed rather odd for fans to comprehend.

Travis Scott’s friends have told him to take a look at Tyga’s career. The “Rack City” star’s career has plummeted ever since he got with Kylie, where he also found himself making a number of headlines for reportedly struggling to pay his rent and for his leased cars, among other things.

A rapper, who was once charting with multiple singles before meeting Kylie Jenner, had now become accustomed to somewhat relying on the fame and publicity of his relationship with the socialite to attain his luxurious lifestyle, which is something pals close to Travis Scott don’t want him to experience.

“His boys don’t want him to be like Tyga who’s a has-been rapper who’s only famous and in the news because he dated Kylie,” an insider continued. “Travis has huge potential and is on the brink of being one of the greats in hip hop and Kylie’s a huge distraction and quite possibly a career-ending girlfriend.”

According to reports, Travis Scott is expected to make several appearances on Kylie’s forthcoming reality show, Life of Kylie, which will premiere on the E! network later this year, Variety confirms.

Travis Scott’s romance with the 19-year-old is fairly new, but it doesn’t seem as if his friends will be able to stop him from being with the person he wants to be with.

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