Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan: Star Allegedly So Drunk She Couldn’t Find Her Purse Containing $10,000

Lindsay Lohan was allegedly so drunk on vodka the night she was arrested for punching Tiffany Ava Mitchell that she couldn’t find her purse that contained $10,000 in cash. Lohan’s bi-coastal legal woes could land her in jail once again. When the former Disney star has been sentenced to jail time in the past, she was released after serving only a fraction of the sentence due to overcrowding issues.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Lindsay is allegedly known to drink up to two liters of vodka a day. TMZ sources claim that the Liz & Dick star cracks open a bottle when her feet hit the floor, and she continues to refill her glass throughout the day. LiLo was allegedly drunk on vodka when she arrested for supposedly punching Florida psychic Tiffany Ava Mitchell. Fox News reports that Lindsay was screaming when she was led away from the Avenue nightclub in New York City after her most recent arrest.

Police reports allegedly indicate that a 911 call was placed from the Manhattan bar around 3:45 am. Wayne Stevens, the psychic’s husband, stated that Lindsay Lohan and her group were sitting in an adjoining section inside the Avenue club. A scuffle unrelated to either the Mitchell-Stevens or Lohan groups allegedly broke out just prior to the supposed physical altercation between the two women.

In the Lohan arrest report, Stevens allegedly claims that someone pushed him from behind. The Avenue club reportedly returned to normalcy for a few moments before Tiffany Ava Mitchell claims she was punched in the left side of her face. Stevens also reportedly stated that his wife was escorted outside the club, and he then called 911 to report the incident. During this time, Lindsay allegedly slipped out a side door.

Police officers arrived on the scene and reportedly intercepted an SUV with Lohan in the passenger seat. When Mitchell was escorted to the vehicle, she reportedly identified Lindsay as the woman who punched her in the face.

Stevens had this to say to say about the alleged Lohan incident:

“The bouncer was having a fight with somebody else and I grabbed my wife next to me. My friend had their wife, and there were girls behind us. After it was over she went over and pushed my wife hard. I don’t even know why she pushed her. About five minutes later she comes around and told my wife ‘I need space’ or something like that. And then she just punched her. I went and called the police myself. A bouncer said they’re not throwing her out because she is Lindsay Lohan. I said well my wife got punched by Lindsay Lohan, I don’t care. I couldn’t understand why the bouncers weren’t throwing her out after she punched my wife right in front of them.”