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Baldwin Trashes Post, Says NYC Rag Is ‘Worst Newspaper In Human History’

Alec Baldwin has trashed the Post, calling the New York daily the “worst newspaper in human history.”

As Baldwin trashes the Post, it’s not a big surprise that the actor has tendered his opinion on the matter — after all, the newlywed is currently in the midst of an ongoing stalker drama, and the New York Post has sided … with his alleged stalker.

Before Baldwin laid into the Post, the woman who has been reportedly stalking the 30 Rock star and new husband of Hilaria Thomas, Genevieve Sabourin, was arrested again for violating a restraining order. (And to be fair to Alec, let’s consider how we would view this if a male was stalking a female celebrity and violated a similar injunction.)

And the the New York Post’s Andrea Peyser — frequent mockery target of Gawker and once-described by the Washington Post as and “object of fascination among some media observers in New York, who count her unforgiving, exuberantly spiteful columns as a guilty pleasure” — penned a column that prompted Baldwin to trash the rag. (Which has notably run such high class headlines as “STAB BABY” as well as “CLOAK AND SHAG HER” after the Petraeus scandal.)

While it is clear that whatever happened in the past between Baldwin and Sabourin is not clear, what is apparent as Baldwin trashes the Post and, rightly so, is that the man married Thomas months ago clearly wants no contact with the Canadian actress and has already called the cops. And if he or she calls the cops, jilted lovers, it is safe to say it’s pretty much over.

alec baldwin stalker genevieve sabourin

Still, Peyser thinks that Sabourin deserves some sympathy and writes:

“OK. Genevieve is persistent. Obsessed, even. She went too far, pursuing a man whose bedroom mirror is his most treasured asset … But the gal has a point.”

Giving Sabourin some undue airtime in a widely-read paper, the columnist reports:

“Genevieve told me exclusively, in graphic detail, about the quickie night of passion she claims to have spent with Baldwin two years ago … She told me that when their romantic evening was done, after they’d gone to Central Park, to the theater, to dinner and to bed, the guy dumped her — with a text message! … Baldwin, 54, has admitted to having dinner with Sabourin. He has yet to deny the sex — or the unceremonious dumping.”

Now, as the alleged one-time lover of Baldwin continues to defy injunctions, Peyser validates her criminal behavior in her Post column, encouraging the actor to let the stalking “go.” And again, if a woman had engaged in a sexual relationship that was mutually consensual and decided to end it, words such as the ones causing Baldwin to trash the Post would be unimaginable.

Peyser writes:

“Now she wants to expose him for what he is: a cad … I wonder, when will Alec face charges for bullying dames — even me, on Twitter? … Hey, Alec, she says you slept with her! Deal with it, creep.”

In a series of Tweets, Baldwin trashes the Post and explains his side of the story, embedded below. Do you agree with the star’s assessment of the rag and its writers?