General Hospital Robin and Anna

‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Robin Returns To Port Charles-Will She Be The One To Reveal Who Anna Really Is?

Kimberly McCullough is returning to General Hospital in May, just in time for the 2017 Nurses Ball. Fans love to see Robin Scorpio Drake as often as possible, and it looks like she will be bringing Emma back with her as well. Anna Devane will be so happy to have her daughter and granddaughter home again, or will she?

There is something strange going on with Anna, and the rumor is that she is an impostor. There is a good possibility that Anna’s twin sister, Alex, has switched places with her and has taken over her life. Her goal is to torment Valentin Cassadine, and it seems to be working. No one yet knows that maybe this is not really Anna, but Robin may just be the one who clearly recognizes that something is off about her mother. Even Griffin Munro will pick up on her odd behavior soon, as SheKnows Soaps has pointed out.

Just last week, Griffin went over to her house to ask why she missed her phlebotomy appointment. Anna made up a story that she went to another hospital to have that procedure done. She hesitated when he mentioned her blood cancer and needing treatments. Either she didn’t know about the blood cancer that Anna has, or she didn’t expect anyone to question her about getting the treatments.

This may just play to her advantage in getting closer to Valentin. He obviously has feelings for her and is very concerned about her health. He was the one who got her to General Hospital after she collapsed at his house. He rushed her to get medical help and that was when she found out that she has a blood condition.

The General Hospital previews for Monday has Valentin finding Anna on the docks. She is sitting down on the ground and looking dazed. He is seen asking her if she is okay. She could be pretending to be hurt to gain his sympathy. This woman is really playing Valentin for all it’s worth. She is playing a game, but no one knows what the reason is just yet. She wants something from him and she is determined to get it.

May sweeps is here and it is expected to be quite interesting. The General Hospital Nurses Ball is coming up quickly and spoilers say that it will not only be full of fun, but there will also be danger lurking. Could it have something to do with Anna?

Robin knows her mother quite well, and if anyone can figure out that something is terribly wrong, it will be her. Even Emma may catch onto how different her grandmother is. While it is not definite that this woman really is Anna’s twin sister, that is the most likely scenario. It is rumored that Alex did indeed have a past with Valentin Cassadine, not her sister.

Once Robin is back in the picture in May, the whole thing could be exposed as to what is up with Anna. She is clearly not herself at all. She may eventually get caught in a lie that she can’t get out of. Will Robin or Emma be in danger if that should happen?

Alex Devane had first shown up on the former ABC soap, All My Children. Now that she could have possibly made it to Port Charles after so many years, she could really cause some ruckus. Other General Hospital spoilers have hinted that since Alex and Valentin may have had an affair years ago, they have a child out there somewhere. It has been rumored that Griffin Munro could be their son together.

In the meantime, everyone still thinks that this woman is the Anna Devane that they all know and love. She may eventually trip up and get caught in a web of lies. Another possibility is that the sisters could be working together to bring Valentin down.

Do you believe that this is Alex Devane? Who will be the one that figures out that she may be an impostor? Be sure to watch General Hospital this May to find out what happens at the 2017 Nurses Ball.

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