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Tyga Using Son To Get Kylie Jenner Back, Amid Travis Scott ‘KUWTK’ Romance Rumors

Tyga is so desperate to win Kylie Jenner back, he’s allegedly planning to use his son, King Cairo, to make the 19-year-old see that he really still cares for her.

Tyga has made endless attempts in reaching out to his ex-girlfriend, it’s been alleged, but now that she’s said to be dating Travis Scott, as revealed by Rap-Up, getting ahold of Kylie has been rather difficult, particularly because she’s shown no interest in getting back with Tyga.

The “Faded” rapper strongly believes that he still stands a chance with Jenner, and while their breakup was only a month ago, Tyga wants to make things right with the socialite, knowing very well that she still cares for him too.

Of course, now that she’s already said to be dating again, it’s made Tyga a little anxious, because he knows that if the duo bond like she did with the “Rack City” star, Tyga could potentially lose Kylie Jenner for good, which is one of his biggest fears, Hollywood Life claims.

Their break from one another was definitely needed, but Tyga is ready to reconcile while Kylie has given off the impression that she wants to move on with her life.

In a desperate attempt to make Jenner see sense, Tyga is reportedly wanting to use his 4-year-old son to win back the supposed love of his life. The 27-year-old knows that Kylie shared a close bond with Cairo, so seeing him again would definitely warm her heart and potentially consider the idea of getting back with Tyga.

“Tyga’s running out ways to get Kylie back, but he’s got a plan,” the insider shares. “He’s thinking of having King face time her to tell her that he misses her. He thinks that will make Kylie come running back. Kylie can’t resist King and Tyga knows that. She’d do anything for that boy and he’s like the glue that holds Tyga and Kylie together.”

Seeing her with another man is killing Tyga on the inside. It’s unclear whether or not Kylie is really committing herself to her new romance with Travis Scott, but considering the fact that they’ve been holding hands together in public, it would seem that their relationship is certainly in full effect, and Tyga isn’t happy.

He’s willing to try every method possible just to get in contact with Kylie, and when he does, he’ll let her know just how much he still cares for her. At this given point, Tyga thinks that his best chances of doing so is through the help of his son.

“It’s a bit desperate, yes. But desperate times call for desperate measures and Kylie’s slipping away and Tyga’s not trying to let her loose,” the source concludes.

Last month, just a week after Kylie and Tyga called it quits, it was claimed that the 19-year-old had grown tired of claims that the rapper had cheated on her — allegations that were made by Blac Chyna, the mother of Tyga’s child, who also shares an on-again, off-again romance with Rob Kardashian.

Whether or not Jenner will consider the idea of getting back with Tyga in the future has yet to be seen, but by the look of things, Kylie is enjoying her new romance with Travis and it doesn’t seem like she will break things off with her new rapper beau anytime soon.

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