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‘Dragon Ball Super’ To Lead Into ‘DBZ’ Ending, Could Go Beyond

It turns out that the folks behind Dragon Ball Super already have a comprehensive outline planned as to where the much-loved anime is headed.

At the Napoli Comicon in Italy, Dragon Ball Super illustrator Toyotaro revealed in a conference flocked by a legion of fans that the anime will eventually tie into the ending of Dragon Ball Z, the second anime series based on the franchise that debuted in 1989.

According to Saiyan Island, Toyotaro, who holds the honor of rightfully succeeding Dragon Ball creator Akira Toriyama, detailed their plans about the anime on stage at a talk centered on the series.

“We are preparing the ground to direct Dragon Ball Super into the original Dragon Ball Z ending.”

This does not come as a major surprise to fans. In fact, viewers who have been following the series religiously should have already noticed some of the seeds planted by Toyotaro’s team in the Dragon Ball Super episodes.

All throughout the beloved anime, there have been callbacks to Dragon Ball Z that provide better understanding of the events that happened in the preceding series and at times, make for an epic Easter egg.

One of the biggest references, as the abovementioned publication pointed out, is the fact that Pan and Bulla, who were featured significantly in Dragon Ball Z, were born in Dragon Ball Super.

Baby Pan laughs as Goku holds her in 'Dragon Ball Super'
Goku holds baby Pan in a screenshot from ‘Dragon Ball Super’ Episode 43 [Image by Toei Animation]

The former was brought into the world in Episode 17 and was featured again in Episode 43, where she learned new powers. The latter, on the other hand, was only recently born in Episode 83 of the series.

There were also subtle hints of Uub’s arrival in the most recent episodes, particularly in the scene when Dende tells Goku about the existence of a young but exceptional martial artist who lives in a village.

This is believed to be none other than Uub, whom Goku ended up training with in the Dragon Ball Z finale. Clearly, the series is leading up to the time they first meet. As Dragon Ball history tells, they are bound to embark on some epic adventures as teacher and student. After all, Uub happens to be the reincarnation of Kid Buu that Goku wished to life.

As Toei Animation continues its efforts to connect the Dragon Ball shows, fans can expect more references and revelations that will fill in the gaps between the two animes.

Toyotaro’s revelation also has many believing that Dragon Ball Super will not just bridge the events between Kid Buu’s downfall and the DBZ finale as it has always intended to, but will also go beyond the classic anime to unravel more mysteries and spin other untold stories from the era and beyond.

Bulma holds her newborn baby in 'Dragon Ball Super'
The gang gathers around as Bulma holds baby Bulla in ‘Dragon Ball Super’ Episode 83 [Image by Toei Animation]

Fans do not imagine Dragon Ball Super going anywhere especially with the positive reception it has enjoyed and its endless storytelling potentials. Additionally, with Uub being slowly brought into the fold, Toei Animation could be building into more stories surrounding the powerful character beyond what was revealed in Dragon Ball Z.

At the moment, however, the focus is still very well on the Universe Survival Arc. Just recently, Toei introduced the final lineup of Universe 6 fighters banding to save their homeworld.

In a supercharged Dragon Ball Super teaser, Goku, Android 18, Android 17, Piccolo, Gohan, Majin Buu, Vegeta, Master Roshi, Tien and Krillin each get the spotlight as Universe 6’s greatest line of defense.

Fans are treated to glimpses of them in action in previous battles including ones from DBZ as the series proves why they are the perfect individuals to defend the planet.

Dragon Ball Super will be back with a new episode titled “An Unknown Beauty Appears! The Tenshin-Style Dojo’s Mystery?!” on Sunday, May 7 on Fuji TV.

[Featured Image by Toei Animation]