Watch 'Orange Is The New Black' Leaked Season 5 Episodes Online: Where Are The Episodes? Is It Legal To Watch?

Watch ‘Orange Is The New Black’ Leaked Season 5 Episodes Online: Where Are The Episodes? Is It Legal To Watch?

Where can you watch the leaked Orange is the New Black Season 5 episodes online? And is it legal to watch them?

The show was originally slated to return for its fifth season in the first week in June, but over the weekend a hacking group calling itself TheDarkOverlord released 10 episodes from the upcoming season after Netflix balked at paying a ransom. The group claimed that the episodes were stolen from a post-production studio, which TorrentFreak noted could be the biggest leak in television and movie history.

The report noted that there could be other leaks to come.

“TheDarkOverlord did not explain what it hopes to achieve by leaking this video content now, months after it was obtained. However, when questioned the group told us that the information shared with us thus far represents just ‘the tip of the iceberg,'” TorrentFreak noted. “In the past few minutes the group has taken to its Twitter account, posting messages directed at Netflix who are likely to be watching events unfold.”

So, where can fans of the Netflix prison drama watch the leaked episodes of Orange is the New Black online? There are several sites now hosting the episodes. TorrentFreak noted that all 10 episodes had been uploaded to The Pirate Bay, a popular torrent site. Some of them even appeared on YouTube, uploaded in 2- to 3-minute segments, but that likely won’t last long before the video-sharing site takes them down.

Fans of the show may be interested in watching the leaked Orange is the New Black episodes online, but many have expressed worry about whether it’s legal (or ethical) to do so.

The answer may depend on where you’re watching. In India, for example, a high court in Mumbai ruled last year that it isn’t illegal to watch pirated content online, Mashable reported.

That isn’t the case in the U.K., the U.K. Federation Against Copyright Theft (FACT) told the Telegraph.

“FACT says that any site that ‘makes available or facilitates the availability’ of rights-owners’ content without their permission is unlawful.

“Although some streaming websites can look very professional and legitimate, even carrying advertising from recognised brands, the rule of thumb is that if they are offering content free of charge they are probably illegal, FACT says.”

It is illegal in the United States as well, the Boston College Law School reported, so Americans who want to watch the leaked Orange is the New Black episodes online will have to either wait a few more week or risk a still very unlikely fine for watching stolen content.

There could be other reason to wait for the official Netflix release of Orange is the New Black. As many viewers have reported, the episodes leaked to the internet this weekend are still going through the post-production process, so the sound and visual effects aren’t terribly well refined.

As a report from Bustle also noted, there isn’t a full season available, so viewers accustomed to binge watching the entire season over the weekend when it’s released will be left unsatisfied.

“There’s also the matter that, if the reports are to be believed, not every episode of Orange Is The New Black has reportedly even been leaked,” the report added. “And even if you were to go forth and dive into the episodes which have reportedly been uploaded online, you’re also going to have to stop three episodes prior to the end of the season, which still leaves you with the same problem you have now: wanting to know what happens next and having to wait for it.”

Those who chose not to watch the leaked Orange is the New Black episodes online will have just a few weeks longer to wait. The official release of Season 5 is scheduled for Friday, June 9, at 3:01 a.m. ET (12:01 a.m. PT).

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