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NBA Star Andrew Bynum Sues Neighbors, They Sue Him Back

NBA Star Andrew Bynum Sues Neighbors, They Sue Him Back

An NBA star sues neighbors claiming that they harass him for his race and profession, and the neighbors sue him back claiming he holds frequent parties that get loud and out of control.

Andrew Bynum has decided to sue his Los Angeles neighbors, Raymond and Cindy Beckett. The NBA star claims that the neighbors object to his “profession, his race, his friends, his cars, and his taste in music,” court documents obtained by USA Today found.

Still rehabbing from a knee injury and yet to play for his new team, the Philadelphia 76ers, the NBA star sues his neighbors in the Los Angeles suburb of Westerchester. He filed suit on June 1, saying that the neighbors harassed him, and the neighbors responded July 11 with their own suit.

In suing the NBA star, the Becketts contended: “Andrew Bynum is a great basketball player and a terrible neighbor who presumes that being an NBA All Star entitles him to party like a rock star in the otherwise quiet Westerchester neighborhood where he lives.”

The Becketts add:

“Bynum has demonstrated open contempt for the Becketts specifically and for the neighborhood generally by blasting loud, profane, and disrespectful music and video games at window-shaking volumes; by letting his dogs run loose through the neighborhood; by apparently engaging in illegal drug use and permitting marijuana smoke to drift into the Becketts’ backyard; by constructing a fence on his property which is not in compliance with the community codes and regulations; by conspicuously brandishing firearms in an attempt to threaten and intimidate the Becketts in retaliation for their legitimate complaints; and, perhaps most seriously, by recklessly racing his luxury cars through the neighborhood at dangerous speeds where children or others could be injured or killed.”

The news that the NBA star sues his neighbors might not even be the most unusual Andrew Bynum news to come out in recent weeks, however. As the Washington Post noted, the injury that the center suffered, the one that’s kept him out all year, occurred while he was bowling.

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37 Responses to “NBA Star Andrew Bynum Sues Neighbors, They Sue Him Back”

  1. Ben Simone

    Andrew Bynum, the neighbors don't harrass you because of your race or your profession. But I guess you can continue to blame everyone else for your problems. Ya know, because it has absolutely nothing to do with you being a worthless piece of shit. Nope, not at all.

  2. Mike West

    Andrew Bynum is a complete idiot which is one of the reasons why they got rid of this low life.

  3. Anonymous

    Just read the headline and that was all I needed…Bynum has an attitude problem and that has been an observance seen when he played in L.A. It is unfortunate that we are not sure why he would use the race card but it is childish..if your music and friends are disturbing the peace then I would call the cops on you every time you decided to have a party too. Have respect for your neighbors and in Bynum's case you got enough money to go buy your own land and build a house and have your music as loud as you want. Grow up jerk.

  4. Ricky Coulter

    So how do the neighbors know what kind of music you listen to Andrew? It couldn't be because you blast it at all hours of the day. The race card is also so overplayed. This guy is such a joke.

  5. Ruben Contreras

    He is weak! I am a Lakers fan, and IM so glad he is gone. #1-Kaume Brown #2 Andrew fuck Bynum lol.

  6. Anonymous

    So the suits were filed in June and July…why is this news now, almost December?

  7. Anonymous

    you can take the rat out of the hood but you cant take the out of the rat thus hood rat.

  8. Anonymous

    you can take the rat out of the hood but you cant take the hood out of the rat.

  9. Mike West

    The attorneys will bleed them both and ultimately the attorneys will solve nothing for either of client. The only way to fix this is to have Bynum sell his home and leave or maybe someone will get tired of him and take the matter into their own hands. No one likes a prick.

  10. Todd Ka'imi Espinda

    we should also sue Bynum for impersonating a Laker…, fading in crucial games & dissappears during the post season. Every season he's played he's always been hurt…, I don't know how because he 1/2 a$$es it most of the time anyway. Good-bye Bynum, you're Phillies problem now…, all you have to do is move your residency also. Nice try with the race card though. Being a jerk and idiot comes in all colors!

  11. Todd Ka'imi Espinda

    good point Mike, but I'm guessing Andru will more than likely be his own undoing and save everyone the bother and all will be left with is a "I told you so"!

  12. Jeff Mack

    Everyone knows Bynum pretty well I see. Can you tell him I said what's up? LOL

  13. Anonymous

    If I made that much money I'd live in the hills away from other houses.

  14. 'Katherine A Sims

    He know he gets loud. To some idiot who said the race card is overplayed needs to sit down and be quiet because you probably never dealt with racism in your life.

  15. 'Katherine A Sims

    How is it truth? Do you know him and is coon really appropriate? Funny that racist people don't show their faces while making terrible comments.

  16. Anonymous

    They move out of the ghetto but bring their ghetto mentality with them. That life style works only in the ghetto so sell your house and move back to where you feel you belong.

  17. Terrence R. Hampton

    You can take the troglodyte out of the cave, after that beat Chess King's & Richard Walsh's ass if they show their faces in public talking stupid like that. Internet bravado always turns into public cowardice! Online you are king but in public you're a flaming queen!

  18. David Grant

    After the two blatant cheap shots he delivered last year, I lost all respect for this guy. I was embarrassed to even be a Laker fan knowing I had an idiot on my team. We don't need anymore Rodmans, or R Wallace's, or JR Smiths in the league.

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