Indiana winner was facing foreclosure

Powerball Winner Narrowly Dodges Home Foreclosure

Highland, IN – Larry Chandler picked up a cool $1M with a lucky Powerball ticket, just barely saving his home from foreclosure.

Though a Powerball winner has 180 days to claim their prize, the 34-year-old electrician didn’t wait a minute more than he had to after winning $1 million in Wednesday’s Powerball. Chandler showed up at the Indianapolis lottery headquarters on Thursday morning ready to claim his share of the $587.5 million drawing on Wednesday night.

The union electrician says that he’ll be back to work on Monday, but is planning on hiring a tax adviser and a financial planner first, reports NBC News.

The unique part about Chandler’s story is that his good luck has saved his home from foreclosure. His girlfriend told the local news affiliate that he had been living with them due to his housing woes. With the money, Chandler has pledged to help his mom, put away for his daughter’s college, and take his girlfriend to Red Lobster.

Chandler played his own numbers, matching every one except the Powerball. He bought his ticket at the Highland Citgo on Kennedy Avenue. “It’s really great that one of my customers has had good fortune,” Citgo employee Keith Barnes said.

So far, only one other million-dollar Powerball ticket was purchased in Indiana, but it has not yet been claimed. Two million-dollar tickets were purchased in Illinois.

Thus far, only two tickets, one purchased in Arizona and another in Missouri, matched all six Powerball numbers. Unless others come forward to claim the pot, those two winners will more than half a billion dollars.