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EW’s ‘Entertainers Of The Year’ Include Honey Boo Boo, Ian Somerhalder

The good folks at Entertainment Weekly have released their list of the 2012 Entertainers of the Year. Ian Somerhalder, Robert Downey Jr., and Honey Boo Boo are among this year’s cream of the crop.

Not surprisingly, Iron Man and The Avengers star Robert Downey Jr. has been selected as Favorite Movie Actor. Robert beat out fellow superheroes Andrew Garfield and Christian Bale to secure the honor. People magazine’s Sexiest Man Alive Channing Tatum also fell short of the top spot.

Jennifer Lawrence, star of Winter’s Bone and X-Men: First Class, secured this year’s Favorite Movie Actress honor. Given that she’s already been recognized by the 2012 Independent Spirit Awards for her work in Silver Linings Playbook, Lawrence may want to prepare herself for future kudos down the road.

Controversial reality television star Honey Boo Boo was selected by EW readers as Favorite Reality Show Personality. The youngster managed to best such popular reality TV figureheads as RuPaul, Andy Cohen, and American Idol host Ryan Seacrest.

Of course, not everyone is particularly pleased with this year’s crop of entertainers. As several Entertainment Weekly readers pointed out, voters were forced to choose between a predetermined selection of actors, actresses, and celebrities.

“Unfortunately, it wasn’t an open ballet where voters could nominate the people of their choosing. EW selected the people they thought fit and put it in polls for users to vote on. There was no option for people to nominate their own candidates just what EW gave them,” one user explained.

This may help explain why your favorite actor or actress didn’t make the cut.

A complete list of EW’s Entertainers of the Year has been included below.

Favorite Movie Actor
Robert Downey Jr., 20%
Channing Tatum, 17%
Christian Bale, 16%
Andrew Garfield, 11%

Favorite Movie Actress
Jennifer Lawrence, 34%
Emma Stone, 21%
Anne Hathaway, 12%
Emma Watson, 10%

Favorite TV Actors
Ian Somerhalder, 21%
Max Greenfield, 14%
Peter Dinklage, 13%
Bryan Cranston, 11%

Favorite TV Actress
Amy Poehler, 19%
Zooey Deschanel, 15%
Claire Danes, 14%
Nina Dobrev, 12%

Favorite Reality Show Personality
Honey Boo Boo, 17%
RuPaul, 13%
Andy Cohen, 13%
Ryan Seacrest, 13%

Favorite Reality Show Judge
Adam Levine, 26%
Blake Shelton, 18%
Britney Spears, 11%
Demi Lovato, 10%

Favorite Author
John Green, 40%
J. K. Rowling, 27%
E. L. James, 11%
Gillian Flynn, 10%

Favorite Musician
Adele, 41%
Taylor Swift, 17%
Pink, 11%
Katy Perry, 7%

Favorite Band
Mumford & Sons, 26%
fun., 24%
One Direction, 20%
The Black Keys, 10%

Do you agree with the winners of EW’s Entertainers of the Year?