Andrew WK

Andrew WK Insists He’s ‘Still Going To The Middle East’

Earlier this week, Andrew WK’s planned trip to the Middle East was cancelled because he was described as being ‘too party.’ However the rocker has insisted that he will still visit the region.

Talking to Spinner, WK revealed that the people of Bahrain have personally invited him to the country, stating, “In the face of a lot of disappointment and confusion there has been an incredible amount of support, especially from Bahrain. They’ve now invited me personally, regardless of whether or not my own country wants me to go, and we’re actively working on that.”

The singer added, “I was so proud and honoured, and humbled at the same time to be able to go there formally with the State Department’s invitation. But just because they changed their minds at the last second doesn’t mean that we still can’t go, so we actually are working on that and we’re thankful and very moved by the kindness of the Bahrainis.”

WK has still not been told why his trip was cancelled, but he believes that ‘a snap judgment was made, and someone judged the way I looked or the type of music that I made.’

As part of an agreement between the US embassy in Manama and the US Department of State, WK had been invited to Bahrain to promote positive power and partying in the area. However earlier this week the embassy revoked this request as they thought WK was “probably not the best choice and didn’t meet our standards.” Do you think Andrew WK could bring peace to the Middle East? What would you do to party with him?