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NYPD Cop Gives Homeless Man New Boots, Becomes Internet Sensation

NYPD cop gives man shoes

An image of a kindly young NYPD officer giving a cold homeless man a new pair of warm boots has gone viral after it spread on Facebook and Reddit, and the twenty-something beat cop has been stunned by the reaction the internet has given the arresting image.

The NYPD officer giving new boots to an unnamed, barefoot homeless man is 25-year-old Long Islander Officer Lawrence DePrimo, who had been assigned to a counterterrorism beat the night the pic was snapped by a tourist from Arizona.

The nice young NYPD cop who gives the homeless man his shoes normally patrols the West Village, but, that fateful evening, Officer DePrimo had been assigned to Times Square. And the moment would likely have been one lost to the hustle and bustle of the city had it not been for the photographer’s decision to write to the NYPD’s official Facebook page — see something, say something.

Foster relates that she spotted the NYPD officer’s act of kindness as she was about to give the homeless man some change. She said:

“Right when I was about to approach, one of your officers came up behind him. The officer said, ‘I have these size 12 boots for you, they are all-weather. Let’s put them on and take care of you.’ The officer squatted down on the ground and proceeded to put socks and the new boots on this man.”

Foster continues:

“The officer expected NOTHING in return and did not know I was watching*. I have been in law enforcement for 17 years. I was never so impressed in my life. I did not get the officer’s name. It is important, I think, for all of us to remember the real reason we are in this line of work. The reminder this officer gave to our profession in his presentation of human kindness has not been lost on myself or any of the Arizona law enforcement officials with whom this story has been shared.”

NYPD cop gives homeless man shoes
Of the reaction to the heartwarming image of the NYPD officer, DePrimo simply explains:

“It was freezing out and you could see the blisters on the man’s feet … I had two pairs of socks and I was still cold.”

Shoe store employee Jose Cano says that he gave the cop a discount on the boots given the homeless man, and the receipt is one DePrimo carries with him, he says “to remind me that sometimes people have it worse.”

Even more heartwrenchingly, DePrimo explains that he offered the homeless man a cup of coffee as well as the boots and says:

“He was the most polite gentleman I had met … as soon as the boots were on him, he went on his way, and I just went back to my post.”

You can view the image of the NYPD officer giving a homeless man new boots and share it yourself over on Facebook.

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29 Responses to “NYPD Cop Gives Homeless Man New Boots, Becomes Internet Sensation”

  1. Lindsey Donovan

    Heart warming! wonderful to hear there is still great people out there willing to do for others without expecting anything in return. we need more of this.

  2. Majesta Pitner

    This is beautiful to see. A work of God there. To see this brings tears of joy and happiness. I really wish there was more of these special acts out in the world. It would make it a better place for us all! God Bless that police officer!

  3. Sherri Long

    As many crooked and overzealous Cops there are in the world, there are also some that truly deserve to wear the badge and do so with honor and dignity. Officer DiPrimo is one who deserves his badge as he has shown that not only does he uphold the law, he has compassion for humanity. Many blessings to him for such a selfless act.

  4. Ibrahim Eddie

    That's so nice it goes to tell you that you do have honest cops not all cops are corrupt

  5. Melody Foreman Lytle

    I can tell you that this is NOT unusual as some of you have stated. My husband and I have been in Law Enforcement 20+ years. We see this and have helped less fortunate folks all the time. Cops get a bad rap because of a few bad cops. This warms my heart, not ONLY for this young police man, who is a gift from God, but for all of the LE folks out there that has spent their carreers taking care of those that can't help themselves. THAT is why 99% wear the badge….the help the helpless…..and to stop those that hurt others….Keep them safe tonight and always…..

  6. Scott Newman

    Gods work comes in all kinds of ways. May God bless this young officer, and may God help the homeless man get back on his feet.

  7. Dante Pastrana

    Funny it takes a good deed from a cop to go viral like its some sort of miracle because of all the s$&t they normally do on a day to day basis. While I know all cops aren't dicks I can say only 10% of them are good through my personal experiences. While I'm so happy the homeless man got boots, it's just so ironic it took a cop to film a cop yet he didn't notice. How can they spot me filming them beating the snot out of someone from further away! This image is fake. If by any chance it true then God bless this man. Officer 10% makes the rest look terrible.

  8. Stephanie Strangio

    It just comes to show cops aren't all Aholes but this man has a heart connected to a soul :)

  9. Patty Snyder

    I go out of my way to thank servicemen and women for their service and their families for their sacrifice. When I thank a policeman/woman or firefighter, they become shy, then thankful. It warms my heart to see these brave men and women blush. Thank you, both, for your willingness to serve your country. May God richly bless you.

  10. Trish Ludlum

    I feel better knowing there is cops like this on the job. what a wonderful human being.

  11. Dianne Freano Nevius

    thank you Melody and your husband for your service.It takes a great person to be a policeman especially those in big cities.I am sure you all have done similar things. So thank you

  12. Wendy McCourt

    Thanks to this officer and ALL officers who make sacrifices every day for us. This is only ONE example. A GREAT one true, but only one!

  13. Jessica Jackson

    I'd like to thank all the service men and women. My dad has been a firefighter for going on 30years. He is a good man with a kind heart. I know there is talk about bad cops. What we have to do is remember that there are bad people out there who make questionable decisions. It doesn't mean everyone is bad. This kind young officer is a reminder that there is still good in this world. A kind guesture goes a long way. If I had the opportunity to meet this kind sir, I'd be honored. He is a hero without a cape :)

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