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Josh Duggar To Reveal Under Oath All Women He Had Communications With On Dating Sites

Though disgraced Josh Duggar’s wife Anna has seemingly forgiven her husband for his past sexual transgressions, the ordeal isn’t over just yet for the Duggar family. It was recently revealed that Josh Duggar would be questioned under oath about his OKCupid and Ashley Madison accounts, revealing anyone he had communications with while using the services.

Radar Online reports that the disgraced Duggar used a California DJ’s photo for his profile on both his Ashley Madison and OKCupid accounts without consent. Now, Los Angeles DJ Matthew McCarthy wants to know the identity of everyone Josh spoke with while using the stolen image to better understand the extent of the deception by Duggar on the platform. To ensure Duggar provides all the details, McCarthy is suing which means the questioning will take place under oath.

Josh Duggar found himself in the midst of another scandal when the Ashley Madison website was hacked.
Josh Duggar will be forced to relive shame from Ashley Madison website scandal in upcoming lawsuit testimony. [Image by Carl Court/Getty Images]

The DJ claims in his lawsuit that the fact that Duggar was outed for molesting five family members, including at least two of his sisters, as a teen, has made his “forced association” with Josh Duggar all the more painful.

“That makes my client’s forced association with Duggar all the more painful for him. He certainly would rather not have been associated with a child molester. And prospective employers didn’t like it, either.”

McCarthy’s lawyer claims that the DJ was fired from a job following the Ashley Madison revelations and that he has suffered “anxiety, depression, embarrassment, humiliation, loss of self-esteem and extreme and severe mental anguish and emotional distress” due to Duggar’s use of his photo without consent.

Therefore, as Life and Style Magazine reports, McCarthy wants to know the names and details about every person Josh Duggar contacted while using his photograph. Duggar will reportedly be questioned under oath about his activities on Ashley Madison and OKCupid which could prove damning if there are more contacts than previously revealed to the media.

The lawsuit information couldn’t come at a worse time for the Duggar family as it was recently revealed that Josh and Anna Duggar are expecting their fifth child together this summer. Therefore, it seems for all intents and purposes, Anna Duggar has decided to stay with Josh and likely doesn’t want her husband’s infidelity brought back into the spotlight.

The Duggar family has claimed that Josh completed a Christian rehabilitation program and that the couple has had therapy together to overcome their issues. However, if it is discovered that Josh Duggar has spoken to more women than initially revealed, it is unclear exactly how the family, or Duggar fans, would respond to the news. Josh will likely have his hands tied as the questioning will be under oath and if it is discovered he lied about any details of his accounts, he could potentially face jail time.

Meanwhile, the Duggar family is preparing for another season of Counting On that focuses on the older married and courting Duggar children sans Josh. The current season will focus on Joseph’s new courtships and Joy Anna’s engagement, as well as the birth of Jessa Duggar’s second child and Jill Dillard’s pregnancy. We expect the series to also follow Jinger Duggar’s life as a newlywed as fans will surely be on the lookout for another Duggar baby bump and wedding announcement.

Despite Josh’s noticeable absence from the show, new information about his past scandals would likely hurt the Duggar family’s likelihood of continued renewals of the series. No amount of pregnancies, weddings, courtships or births would be able to overcome the fallout from further scandal exposure if more advertisers pull from the show.

What do you think about the idea of Josh Duggar testifying under oath about all of this contacts and communications on Ashley Madison and OKCupid?

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